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CNN Lays Off 20 Employees

Just weeks after its much-hyped launch, CNN+ shut down following the reveal that the streaming platform didn’t live up to its anticipated success, firing many people who left top positions to join the team.

On Wednesday the liberal network laid off the last of the remaining CNN+ staffers after axing their colleagues earlier this year.

Roughly 20 staffers were given the slip and told to pack up their desks during a morning call.

Among those let go were members of the Interview Club, which launched alongside CNN+ that would “allow subscribers to drive the conversation and be part of the story.”

The Interview Club was supposed to be a huge success. However, that excitement quickly died off when CNN realized no one even watched the free version of the network let alone pay for a subscription.

Leadership has spent the past several months evaluating our business to ensure it is best positioned for the future… CNN has opened more than 300 new jobs since May and will continue to align our resources with our greatest growth opportunities,” a CNN spokesperson told Daily Beast.

The network poured an estimated $300 million into the failed streaming platform, which former CEO Chris Licht had heavy bets on its success, however shortly after his exit the company scrapped the project.

CNN has faced declining ratings because of its history of reporting “fake news,” and its constant hatred of Republicans and former President Trump.

Additionally big media names such as Fox News Chris Wallace and NPR’s Audie Cornish left their high-paying positions to join CNN+, being promised the platform would take off.

  • renee joseph says:

    fox is going down the same rabbit hole. they had better wake up. news max is on the rise.

  • william g says:

    Well if they all come and support that Trump big Lie knowing if was not a Big LIE then you do not expect them to keep what they say to you for your Job LIES so Just Shut up and take it Period



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