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CNN Host Says ‘World Is Upside Down’ as Michigan Poll Shows Trump Ahead by 20 Points

CNN host Dana Bash marveled Friday at how former President Trump is leading against President Biden on most key issues in Michigan, most notably on the Israel-Gaza war.

Bash spoke about polling conducted in Michigan and Pennsylvania showing Trump leading in the Great Lakes State and the presumptive candidates tied in the Keystone State.

She said that if Trump wins both, Biden cannot afford to lose any other swing states, such as “Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, or Nebraska’s second congressional district, or he will not win the White House.”

The news host went on to express shock that “abortion and democracy” are “the only two issues” where Biden has an advantage in both states.

“Then you look at other issues: U.S and world affairs, economy, immigration, Israel/Gaza, Trump has an advantage and it’s actually- if you look at the Israel-Gaza question, the fact that Trump has a 20-point advantage in Michigan. I mean, the world is upside down,” she said.

CNN political director David Chalian argued that Trump’s advantage may not be enthusiasm for his policy, but the dissatisfaction of Michigan’s large population of Muslims and Arab Americans with Biden’s position on Israel.

Chalian said, “But I think that finding probably explains a lot of Joe Biden’s troubles in Michigan right now as well. I mean, it’s obviously an issue that we saw in the primary where the uncommitted vote against him, we see young voters, independents, people who have been affiliated with this, calling for a ceasefire movement, very frustrated with the president and his policies, and so that’s clearly partly at play here in Michigan.”

“Yeah. No question,” Bash replied. “But it’s hard to imagine that Donald Trump will be any more sympathetic to what’s going on in Gaza than Joe Biden is, which is what is so surprising.”

“It has nothing to do with their actual policy positions, right, necessarily or what he’s proposing,” he said.

In February, 100,000 people voted “uncommitted” in the Michigan Democrat primary as a warning to Biden that they may stay home on Election Day if he continues his current stance on Israel.


  • Sling blade says:

    Tied in Pennsylvania? Hahaha

  • Pammy says:

    Upside Down? Perhaps QUIT trying so hard to pull the wool over our eyes!
    THEY are the ones who turned it ‘Upside Down.’
    We KNOW the difference and the why behind it. Trump 2024!

  • Grant says:

    The world isn’t upside down, it’s correcting itself, idiot.

  • MARK SMITH says:

    just another Communist mouth piece that needs to be eliminated

  • vickie says:

    i didnt read this just the title….she is a dummy like the rest….she doesnt get it…we arent voting for trumps personality or his race or anything else but his policies….he is really out for america….the rest are out for themselves or their party…after all who would put forward a man they knew had dementia and he wins which i think was a fraud ….the dems think they put one over on us…what they did do …is make us mistrust them more….



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