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CNN Host Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Violent Left-Wing Protest Outside DNC HQ

CNN worked hard on Thursday to dispel comparison between Jan. 6 and a violent clash between anti-Israel protesters outside the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters.

Late Wednesday, the Capitol Police confronted violent protesters outside the DNC’s HQ in Washington, D.C. The situation was particularly tense because top members of the Democratic Party, some of whom receive a 24-hour security detail from the Capitol Police, were inside the building at the time. Multiple police officers were injured in the violence, which the Capitol Police confirmed was violent and more resembled a riot.

Reacting to the incident on CNN, network anchor Dana Bash compared scenes from the violence to Jan. 6 — before immediately trying to retract the comparison.

“That is quite an image. We haven’t seen an image like that since January 6,” Bash said of images from the violence plastered on the screen.

“Totally different topic, totally different kind of people. I mean, I don’t want to at all compare the sort of substance of it,” Bash backtracked, “but the idea that there was violence and that there were Capitol Police officers actually hurt there.”

CNN political analyst Laura Barrón-López agreed with Bash but also took great pains to emphasize the “key differences” between the two events.

“I believe there were about six Capitol Police officers that were injured, according to the Capitol Police that put out that report last night,” Barrón-López said. “There are key differences. I wouldn’t compare it to January 6, but it was a clash, and the protesters, or the ralliers, were standing outside and blocking the entryways and the exitways ,and that’s why police confronted them and tried to get them to move because people couldn’t exit or enter the building —”

“And not just people, like the most senior House Democrats,” Bash pointed out.

At least one House Democrat would agree with the comparison. That lawmaker, who was not identified, told Axios that Wednesday’s violence “scared me more than Jan. 6.”

  • RFL says:

    This is a country that no longer has ANY standards. We trample free speech of people on the right that the establishment Uniparty doesn’t like; now we’re doing the same to people on the left. The one thing we don’t tolerate anymore is a vigorous DEBATE. I don’t think Rashida Tlaib is sincere when she claims that From the River to the Sea is not a genocidal threat to the entire state of Israel, but I believe as an American she has a 1st Amendment RIGHT to explain herself without being censured or expelled. She was ELECTED to speak her voice and the voice of her constituents. If her constituents do not like what she’s saying or how she’s representing them, they can remove her in the next election. This is supposed to be our standard. The most laughable lack of standards though is the ACLU. They defend Tlaib while the J6 protesters rot in the Washington Gulag. We have NO standards anymore at all in our government or in the groups/associations that petition our government. It is dangerous.

  • scott says:

    Isn’t that interesting the rally for Israel was over 290,000 people and it was peaceful. Look at this rally. It shows you what side you should be on.

  • Mentally Challenged America says:

    This is just the start of the violence. Democrats support this shit everyday. And real Amerians have to share our oxygen with these imbecils. MSM is a joke. None of it is truth. It’s all doctored to fit narritive.

  • Grant says:

    Of course she had to take it back!!! Doesn’t fit their bullshit narrative!!! Like we can’t see through all their smoke and mirrors.

  • john lallemano says:


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