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CNN Closes Atlanta Headquarters After More Than 35 Years

CNN is set to shutter its original headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, following its final broadcast Friday.

CNN host Kate Bolduan announced at the beginning of Friday’s episode of News Central CNN that the program was the last presented by control rooms at the CNN Center in Atlanta.

The operation is prepared to move to the renovated 30-acre Turner Techwood campus in Midtown after more than 35 years of broadcasting, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Before we go today, we are marking an important moment today in CNN’s history.”

“Today’s show will be the final broadcast from the CNN Center in Atlanta,” Bolduan said.


Bolduan showed live footage of the building set to close, taking note of the “big CNN sign” on top of the structure. She noted that she and her fellow anchors work from New York, while the show’s control rooms and much of the editorial staff work from the “iconic” CNN Center, also known as CNN’s World News Headquarters.

“Starting Monday, our team there will move to a new home just a couple miles away, but it’s actually, the new home is actually the place where CNN founder Ted Turner started the network back in 1980,” Bolduan said.

Bolduan played a clip from the first broadcast from the CNN Center that showed the first episode of “Daybreak,” featuring former hosts Donna Kelley and Brian Nelson. Following the throwback, the anchor showed footage of employees waving goodbye from CNN’s two Atlanta control rooms.

AT&T, CNN’s former parent company, sought to save money by selling the CNN Center to Florida-based real estate firms CP Group and Rialto Capital Management, according to the outlet. Warner Bros. Discovery, CNN’s new parent company, prepared the Midtown Techwood property for Atlanta staff.

  • Henchy says:

    So those are the disgusting pathetic lefty Communist…A bunch of fat pigs that never got asked out and are either lesbians or married to a loser. The males look very rainbow. The most omitting, lying, twisting news you can never trust. MSNBC is taking the title.

  • angrybill says:

    Sounds to me like they are in financial trouble. That sure wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  • Joe says:

    It’s headlines like this one that piss me off. Bait and switch !!
    CNN MOVING FROM ATLANTA HEADQUARTERS,, to new headquarters in Atlanta…
    would not have baited me.
    I don’t really don’t want to read or hear shit about CNN,,, unless it was news of it closing down for good.

  • Marc Rauch says:

    They should close the entire network. It’s a complete waste of electricity.

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