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CNN and MSNBC Censor Trump’s Iowa Victory Speech

The day fast approaches when stories about establishment media shenanigans will vanish because the establishment media itself will no longer exist.

Until then, we still have CNN and MSNBC to remind us of why we regard them as enemies of truth.

On Monday night, both networks took deliberate action to censor former President Donald Trump’s speech following his resounding victory in the Iowa caucus.

Oddly enough, CNN’s behavior appeared the least egregious of the two.

Or, more probably, CNN’s establishment shills simply looked and sounded more amateurish in their act of censorship.

The network actually began by showing part of Trump’s speech. When he touched upon a topic inconvenient to the establishment, however, CNN’s censors sprang into action.

Seven seconds after the former president decried the “invasion” along the southern border, CNN’s Jake Tapper started speaking over Trump, so viewers could not hear the victorious candidate’s comments.

Tapper blathered on for another 20 seconds and accused Trump of “repeating his anti-immigrant rhetoric.”

The camera then cut away from Trump and returned to Tapper in the studio.

On the social media platform X, journalist Nicholas Fondacaro posted a 42-second clip of CNN’s censorship.

Fondacaro also noted the timing of Tapper’s interruption.

“CNN’s Jake Tapper cuts away from former President Trump’s Iowa victory speech immediately after he started talking about President Biden’s border crisis,” Fondacaro wrote in an accompanying post.

Meanwhile, MSNBC managed to beclown itself to an even greater degree than CNN.

In a hilarious display of chutzpah, notorious liar Rachel Maddow explained to viewers that the network could not show any part of Trump’s speech.

“There is a cost to us as a news organization of knowingly broadcasting untrue things,” Maddow said.

Fondacaro also posted a clip of MSNBC’s censorship and Maddow’s ironic comment.

The irony in Maddow’s comment no doubt appeared obvious to everyone who remembers one of her most infamous moments.

In the video below from 2021, Maddow endorsed the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person,” Maddow told her viewers in one of the most brazen lies ever spoken on television.

Journalist Max Blumenthal also noted the irony in light of the fact that Maddow relentlessly pushed the Russia collusion hoax.

“The only thing funnier than MSNBC refusing to cover an election winner is Russiagate hoaxer Rachel Maddow condemning the practice of ‘knowingly broadcasting untrue things,’” Blumenthal posted.

Sara Gonzales of BlazeTV observed a related irony. In short, anti-Trump figures like Tapper and Maddow engage in obvious censorship while prattling on about “democracy.”

“Same people who claim they care about ‘democracy’ refuse to cover Republican candidate’s speech,” Gonzales tweeted.

Finally, radio host and columnist Hugh Hewitt told the truth about the “fake news.”

CNN and MSNBC censored Trump, Hewitt wrote on X, “because they aren’t news channels.”

“The are channels of opinion which wish to exclude center-right opinion, with consequent deep damage to their ‘news’ brands,” he added.

Trump, of course, exposed the “fake news” a long time ago. Establishment propagandists like Tapper and Maddow, therefore, no longer surprise us with their shameful behavior.

The good news, of course, is that the “fake news” probably will not survive much longer.

  • Ivan says:

    I only watch Newsmax, all that other shit can go to hell



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