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CNN Anchor Left Out Key Detail for MSU Shooting Suspect While He Was at Large

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota was on the air when news was breaking about the shooting at Michigan State University Monday evening, she provided details about the suspect after police released information about him but she left out the man police were actively looking for was black.

Camerota referenced a tweet from MSU Police, but did not show it on the screen, and said, “Campus police tweeted that the suspected gunman is a short male with a mask. That’s basically all we know.”

Except that was not “all we know.” MSU Police’s tweet stated the following: “The suspect description is a short male with a mask, possibly Black. Please continue to shelter in place. We are still receiving multiple calls of an active shooter on campus.”

MSU Police followed up with another tweet that included a picture of the suspect, confirming the man was black. The man, who was not affiliated with the college, died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.

Campus police confirmed Tuesday morning the 3 deceased and 5 victims who are in critical condition are all MSU students.

  • Bill says:

    CNN is garbage news! Nobody with any common sense watches them anymore.

  • Russian says:

    13% bonobo again murdering White People.

  • BigVin says:

    A flipping jungle monkey

  • Why state the obvious?

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