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CNN Anchor Gives Birth on Bathroom Floor After Shock 13-Minute Labour

CNN anchor Kasie Hunt has revealed that she gave birth on the bathroom floor of her home after a shocking 13-minute labour.

Ms Hunt, an anchor and chief national affairs analyst at the network, welcomed daughter Grey Hunt Rivera on Wednesday.

The newborn, weighing a healthy 8 lbs 4 oz, caught both of her parents by surprise with her sudden arrival which left them with no time to even call 911.

“WELCOMING HERSELF TO THE WORLD: My husband @mattmrivera & I are thrilled to introduce our daughter, Grey Hunt Rivera—though really, she introduced herself,” Ms Hunt wrote in an Instagram post.

“Grey was delivered by dad on the bathroom floor after 13 minutes of labor, before we even had time to dial 911, and 24 hours before she was scheduled to arrive via C section.”

She thanked District of Columbia fire and emergency medical personnel “who talked us through the incredibly intense moments before she took her first breaths, and who arrived within minutes to bring mom and baby safely to the hospital”.

The CNN anchor and her husband Matthew Mario Rivera also share a three-year-old son Mars, who Ms Hunt said is “so proud” of his new little sister.

“Big brother Mars could not be more proud, and we couldn’t be more excited for life as a family of four,” she said.

A representative for the couple told People that little Grey’s surprise birth was already a mark of her “ independent streak”.

“Grey is already showing us her independent streak. We were expecting her to arrive via a scheduled C-section on Thursday morning. She had other plans!” they said.

“It’s a day we’ll never forget!” they said, adding: “We’re so excited about life as a family of four — and reminded it’s going to be that much more unpredictable!”

The couple and now parents of two first met while both working for NBC News in Washington DC.

They married in 2017 and welcomed Mars in 2019.

  • Robert Fott says:

    Her nickname should be flush. Marine Bob

  • GATOR says:

    This is the best news story CNN has had in who knows how long.

    Why would you stick your kids with names you know will make them targets?

  • Walter Jones says:

    Now that she has a kid or maybe another one she’ll wake up and stop supporting a left wing America destroying news site for the future of her offspring.

  • Maris says:

    Finally some good news from CNN.

  • Russell says:


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