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CNN Admits Something We’ve All Known About the Trump Hush Money Trial

As the jury deliberates on the verdict in the Trump hush money trial, I wouldn’t have been shocked if this body got deadlocked. Then, Judge Merchan decided to tilt the scales, offering confusing instructions and guidelines to the jurors and setting up fertile ground for an appeal should things go sideways. One thing is clear: the American people do not care.

CNN’s Harry Enten broke that down, showing the Left’s attempt at damaging Donald Trump through weaponizing our legal system has backfired:

It reached the point where hosts on this network, who I’d never thought would offer rational takes on this matter, admitted that if Trump weren’t the defendant, a trial in this hush money matter, let alone an indictment, wouldn’t have been handed down. Most Americans don’t think that Trump can get a fair trial—they see through the shenanigans here:

The former president got engulfed in a legal circus, where a misdemeanor charge was elevated to a felony but whose statute of limitations had expired. Yet, this is politics, and the target is Trump—everything is malleable. We’re looking at falsifying business records to cover up a campaign finance violation. The star witness for the prosecution, Michael Cohen, a serial liar, admitted to an even worse crime on the stand before closing arguments: he stole tens of thousands from the Trump Organization.

With Biden’s poll numbers circling the drain, something had to be done, which is why we got this cockamamie benchmark for a conviction from Merchan:

If voters start to care, it’ll be in a way that does not benefit Democrats.

  • Anti Lib says:

    It’s time to take up arms against this corrupt government.

  • Michael T says:

    Did e get his law degree in a box of Cracker Jacks? Di he pass the bar by drinking a fifth of cheap whiskey?

  • Take back the white house says:

    The Judge should be thrown off the bench, dragged into the streets of NYC and hung for all to see.



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