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Close Trump Aide Indicted in Classified Documents Investigation

A close aide to Donald Trump has been indicted in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation of the former president’s handling of classified documents, two sources confirm to Fox News.

Walt Nauta, who served as a Trump personal aide and valet in the White House and later at Mar-a-Lago, was the second to be indicted in Smith’s investigation, following Trump’s indictment on Thursday night.

The exact charges Nauta faces was not immediately clear.

The indictment from a federal grand jury in Miami remains under seal, and there was no immediate confirmation from the Justice Department.

Sources told Fox News that Nauta was seen on surveillance video moving boxes of sensitive material from a storage area at a time when the government had sought information about those documents. At some point, he reportedly had stopped speaking with investigators.

It is unclear whether other current or former Trump aides or associates could be charged in the classified documents investigation.

  • southersgolfer says:

    “Boxes of sensitive material”. I would love to know how they knew it was or could be sensitive material from a video. This is just another witch hunt.

  • Juanita says:

    I want to know why the bidens got off scott free. The drug addict, whoremonger, hunter , and the stripper he was screwing, moved the documents to bidens garage. What right did they have in handling anything concerning our country? Why was pence free to go? He also had documents that he wasn’t supposed to have. This is every bit a political move against Trump. They know it, and most of us know it. They lie and claim he has broken laws, yet the laws they have broken, which are beyond what many would believe, are given a blind eye. They are projecting their evil onto Trump, and gaslighting everyone, to keep people from seeing and believing what is really going on. They are evil to the core.

  • R.Raney says:

    Wow huh? Do they Ever STOP?? OMG
    Corruption is seriously out of control in this Biden’s Puppet master clowns administration and Whole Carnival Acts, weaponized , Lawlessness Unconstitutional Acts of uncountable schemes of TREASON, political illegal activity’s from opposite party’s Biden’s Corrupted power.Why Now during 2024 presidential elections primary? They already invaded & searched, la Mar largo in Florida from top to bottom of President Trump’s Home ,Hmm sounds oddly like a set up.What about Fake president Biden’s actually Criminal Actions before He was Vice-president &now Fake president’s? He’s should be indicted and charged already for All of His CRIMES ????

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