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Clarence Thomas Tells the Media When He’ll Leave the Supreme Court

During an interview at a conference in Dallas over the weekend, Justice Clarence Thomas revealed when he will “absolutely” leave the Supreme Court.

“One of the things I say in response to the media, when they talk about, especially early on, about the way they talk about the way I do my job, I said, ‘I will absolutely leave the Court when I do my job as poorly as you do yours.’ And that was meant as a compliment, really,” Thomas said. “It really is good to be me. It really is.”

For years, but especially in recent weeks, leftist activists and the media have called for Thomas to recuse himself from the bench because his wife is active in conservative politics.


George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley has pushed back on allegations of corruption, which are completely unsubstantiated.

During the conference, Justice Thomas also addressed the Supreme Court leak of a draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade.

1 Comment
  • JohnE says:

    This is not a very flattering picture of Justice Thomas.
    He looks like he’s about to fall asleep or immobilized.
    Now we know why the media takes so many pictures in the hopes of getting
    an unflattering one.

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