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Chuck Todd Steps Down from NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’

Chuck Todd, the “Meet the Press” host loved by liberals and loathed by conservatives, made it official on Sunday.

After nine years of hosting the long-running show about politics and current affairs, he passed the baton to a successor on his last episode.

And conservatives weren’t sorry to see him go.

Todd, who announced he was leaving the show back in June, has spent years building a reputation for taking leftist positions on virtually every issue while being firmly in the middle of the media pack when it came to attacking Republicans — very much including former President Donald Trump and his administration.

His swan song Sunday was greeted by a chorus of criticism from the right who’ve watched him over the years. It constituted a kind of brutal farewell present to a “journalist” who couldn’t have deserved it more.

The conservative media watchdog group the Media Research Center put together a few clips of Todd’s “greatest hits” in advance of the big day, which gives a pretty good indication of where the show has been during the Chuck Todd era:

As if to prove the critics’ points, a highlight of Todd’s last day was an interview, naturally, with California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who used the occasion to pump for President Joe Biden’s re-election.

“Well I think the vice president is naturally the one lined up, the filing deadlines are quickly coming to pass and I think we need to move past this notion that he’s not going to run, President Biden is going to run and I’m looking forward to getting him re-elected,” Newsom said, according to Fox News.

“There’s been so much wallowing in the last few months and hammering and even disrespect and we’re gearing up for the campaign and we’re looking forward to it,” he said.

It was a classic Todd interview, in other words.

As Fox reported, Todd’s successor is Kristen Welker, NBC’s White House correspondent.

In speaking with Todd on camera Sunday, Welker might have unwittingly given some indication about where the show is going in its post-Todd incarnation.

“You are someone who invests in the people that you care about and you have invested in me and I am so eternally grateful for that,” Welker told Todd, according to Fox.

“I’ve said it before, I think it bears repeating. You brought me to D.C., you taught me just about everything I know about politics.”

And that tells conservatives everything they need to know about the future of “Meet the Press.”

  • Chuck Turd says:

    I’ll be sorry to see Chuck The Turd leave CNN. They will be hard pressed to find another moron such as him. His stupidity always provided many with the opportunity to get a cheep laugh at his expense.



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