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Chinese Military Conducts Large Attack Simulation in Taiwan Strait

The Chinese military conducted a simulated invasion of Taiwan on Saturday, the Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense claimed, as China ramped up its largest-ever military exercises in the Taiwan Strait.

Chinese naval and aerial war exercises surrounding Taiwan come after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with the independently-governed island’s president, a move China deemed provocative and a threat to its territorial sovereignty. China has said it wants to reunify Taiwan, still recognized as part of a broader China under the One China policy, and called the military exercises a “rehearsal” for a future military operation.

“Multiple PLA [People’s Liberation Army] craft were detected around Taiwan Strait, some have crossed the median line,” the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense said in a statement, calling the incursions a “possible simulated attack.”

Taiwanese armed forces activated ready-alert jets in order to dispel 20 Chinese aircraft, including 14 that crossed the unofficial median line dividing the two countries’ claims in the Taiwan Strait, Reuters reported.

Saturday’s drills focused on practicing a joint air and sea assault of Taiwan, Chinese state-run Global Times reported. “These missions would clear paths for amphibious landing forces to launch beach assaults should a reunification-by-force operation take place,” analysts told the Global Times.

Chinese warships also simulated attacks on U.S. and Japanese naval forces, according to Reuters. The U.S. extended the USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group’s deployment in nearby waters to “monitor the situation.”

Chinese military drills began Thursday and are scheduled to continue through Sunday.

On Friday, China suspended military communication with the U.S. and broke off cooperation in climate and security matters. U.S. officials confirmed that Chinese defense officials have not responded to calls from the Pentagon, Politico reported Friday, an act Secretary of State Antony Blinken called “irresponsible.”

“China has chosen to overreact and use Speaker Pelosi’s visit as a pretext to increase provocative military activity in and around the Taiwan Strait,” Blinken said at a press conference after a series of meetings with ASEAN partners in Cambodia.

The scale of ongoing military drills “far exceeds” those that took place in 1996, the last time tensions between China and Taiwan peaked, leading experts at the Center for Strategic and International Studies to declare a “Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis.”

  • 1947 says:

    Over react? The Chinese are doing exactly what they said they would do. But no Nancy Pelosi had to stick her untrained Diplomatic kick a hornets nest and stir up a hornets. Why did she do this, easy to see she was checking up on her husbands latest insider trading deal on silicon Chips that are made there. She is not a trained Diplomat and has no experience doing that. Her job is in the House of Representatives and she should officially stay there. She has abandon her job and the House should choose a new SOTH, censor her, and refuse to let her enter after this stunt. In the last few years she has cost the Tax payers Hundreds of millions of dollars in false charges as well as an impeachment based off her own Party and of Hillary Clinton’s bought and paid for Campaign Tricks that didn’t work. She harassed Trump from Day one and bold faced told him she was more powerful than he was. She set a second impeachment in place when he was already out the door and Biden was in. Why, vindictiveness? She is a drunk, delirious at best, violated Biden’s orders and common since NOT to go to Taiwan. She took along her friends and family wasting a government aircraft, tax payer money, and her abuse of power to do such. She should be removed from the SOTH position as she will kill the Democratic Party all by herself.

    • USmisterT says:

      The Biden Administration is killing the Democrat Party all by itself faster then anyone could have imagined. The wackos are in the White House and running a mentally incompetent President. The House is aiding they wackos and only the Senate and part of the courts are holding a moderate position.
      They should look at the polls and deal with the citizens issues: Inflation, energy, alien invasion just for starters. Nobody believes they know what they are doing around here and I suspect in much of the USA.

  • USmisterT says:

    Get real China’s CCP is not stupid and is just saber rattling. Taiwan has some strategic value to the Chinese and is a choke point for a lot of commerce in the Pacific. The Taiwanese people have made it an economic powerhouse as well. Plainly a Chinese CCP invasion on Taiwan would destroy their economy and cause a lot of civilian deaths. Does China and the CCP really need another devastated province? I think not they have huge problems with natural disasters right now, and internal economic problems. Invading Taiwan would be a very stupid move and have a huge risk of failure. Except for “Let’s Go Brandon!” they wouldn’t stand a chance. Is he in the bag for the CCP?

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