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China Launches Live-Fire Drills Off Taiwan with Us Carrier Group Nearby, as Pelosi’s Plane en Route to Asia

According to prior comments from President Biden, the Pentagon wants House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to cancel her visit to Taiwan – but now pending her possible arrival in Taipei the US military has moved a Navy strike group into the South China Sea led by the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier.

The USS Reagan left a port call in Singapore and is now patrolling waters near China, with Beijing flexing its own military muscle by launching fresh naval exercises near the self-ruled island – and more worrisomely issuing threats that the PLA military is on stand-by to respond with “forceful measures” if needed.

Turkey’s EHA media outlet on Saturday is circulating (unverified) video purporting to show large US warplane formation flyovers of the South China sea, with destroyers below…


Pelosi is currently en route over the Pacific for a scheduled tour of Asia – including stops in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore – with The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin on Friday reporting that a Taiwan stopover is “expected to happen” during the “early part” of the trip, based on diplomatic sources.

All eyes are on Pelosi’s flight path after it was days ago revealed that Taiwan was listed “tentative” as part of her itinerary…

It’s expected that if she goes through with the Taiwan visit, Pelosi would at some point in Asia board a military transport plane – likely with US fighter jet escort. This possibility is what has infuriated Beijing.

Chinese state media, for example, has been issuing loud warnings saying the PLA military would have the “right” to intercept and deter any armed jet escort, deeming this akin to an “invasion” and violation of China’s sovereignty.

Chinese foreign ministry officials continue to warn that “all options, including military ones” are on the table given Beijing is interpreting the potential Pelosi visit as a strong signal to pro-independence forces, as well as ‘interference’ and a violation of the One China principle.

Beijing is further warning that the House Speaker’s visit to the island, which would mark a first in 25 years, would only ratchet the potential for “misunderstandings” and miscalculation.

As CNN previewed, China’s PLA Navy is holding “live-fire” exercises in waters off Taiwan, raising the stakes further:

China is planning to conduct live-fire exercises on Saturday in waters near Pingtan Island of Fujian province, which is opposite the self-governing island of Taiwan.

The Pingtan Maritime Safety Administration issued a navigation warning about the drills late Thursday local time, prohibiting all ships from entering waters near the island and the southeastern province of Fujian. It said the “live-fire training missions” would take place from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

As Pelosi flies to the region, the US and Chinese militaries are engaged in rival maneuvering in the seas below…

When the USS Reagan strike group entered the South China Sea, there were widespread reports that Chinese destroyers began following closely behind, mirroring and monitoring US Navy movements in the waters.

Chinese pundits and others have lately been circulating Archduke Franz Ferdinand memes, suggesting that if something goes wrong, the provocative trip could be what sparks the next world war pitting nuclear-armed superpowers China and the US against each other (and perhaps also Russia, given the war in Ukraine and Moscow-Washington stand-off in Eastern Europe).

While prior US media reporting indicated Pelosi’s Taiwan visit would come “next month” – meaning August, it remains entirely possible that Pelosi could suddenly show up meeting with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen as soon as Sunday, July 31 – or into Monday or Tuesday.

Meanwhile, China state-run Global Times has posted an ominous message of “Don’t say we didn’t warn you!” as Pelosi heads to Asia…

Some more worrisome signs…

This also as official social media accounts of the PLA military also promoted ‘war preparedness’ messages, also picked up in international press.

  • S Davis says:

    Consider the economics’ of China dependance on America buying their stuff. Its BIG. Then China might risk all the investment properties they own in America. When Japan started WW 2 all the property owned was taken by the US. That can be expensive.
    So who’s running China the war mongers or the economy? Billions in lost cash would hurt.

  • k says:

    November 4 this will all end…..I HOPE

  • Art Espinoza says:

    There is no reason why POS Pelosi has to make this trip… With the present Tension in the world why would we send an idiot like Pelosi to tour their countries… Keep her home where she is allowed to do nothing but negative things.. Save money on the trip..

  • Carmen says:

    Back in the stone age, I learned REAL AMERICAN/WORLD HISTORY. Factural documented history as to the when, why and where. And to this day it angers me to no end how countries will NOT remember their pass and who helped them.
    EXAMPLE: China – in 1941, Madam Chiang kai Shek ask America for help when Japan invaded Shanghai, China.
    The first American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Republic of China Air Force, nicknamed the Flying Tigers, was formed to help oppose the Japanese invasion. Operating 1941-1942. Composed of pilots from the U.S. Army Air Corps (USAAC), Navy (USN) and the Marine Corps (USMC) and was commanded by Claire Lee Chennault.

    1. If the damn Chinses are so smart – why don’t they remember this.
    2. When they brag about being smarter than us WHY is it that they have many spies in this country stealing our Intellectual technology, pushing Communism in all levels of our schools, encouraging racial divide, transgender, etc…….

    Because we are a free nation and they are afraid of freedom. We need to use this as a tool against them. Freedom is hated by the Communist/Socialist/Muslim countries the most.
    Fear will cripple your heart and mind – fear is a choice. Either let it control your mind or put it to bed.



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