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China Just Launched Its Largest Ever Simulation Attack on Taiwan

Over the Christmas weekend China launched the largest military drills yet to simulate an invasion of Taiwan, causing alarm among national security experts.

“China sent 71 warplanes near Taiwan as a part of its biggest display of military might since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the democratically run island, with Taipei accusing Beijing of ‘military intimidation,'” Bloomberg reports. “The Ministry of Defense in Taipei said the flights included 47 Chinese military aircraft that crossed either the median line of the Taiwan Strait or entered Taiwan’s southwest air-defense identification zone in a 24-hour period to 6 a.m. Monday.”


Meanwhile over at the State Department, Secretary of State Antony Blinken just sent the message to China that the U.S. is incapable of defending Taiwan should they choose to invade the island.

“If we were still in Afghanistan, it would have, I think, made much more complicated the support that we’ve been able to give and that others have been able to give Ukraine to resist and push back against the Russian aggression,” Blinken told reporters just before China engaged in the latest intimidation against Taiwan.

In response to China’s escalation, Taiwan has ordered an extension of military service.

  • Will says:

    US politicians:
    Need to be really aware and have a real clue to what’s really goin on from enemies around the world.
    They know we would do anything also spill trillions more to any countries been attacked in past and future !
    World has seen this country for years billy Trump also Republican Party as well do all kinds of impeachments as well cheat elections that really happen being really covered up etc etc also seen what has happen since prior 2016 to the present are all responses from them by doing their mess back to us.
    They are draining this country into the drain as much as they can as long we keep getting ourselves involved.
    They see that we differ also are apart about what’s goin on between democrats and republicans about whether we should help overseas also problems with immigration etc.
    Simply this means we all need to get our hands and our money also stop!!
    They are simply saying the more we do they will continue do their evil ways as enemies.
    Enemies are not really our friends especially with how we as government been treating each other here also abroad. Need to stop and look at ourselves also means we are supposed to back out. Regardless if world war 3 wld happen or not; enemies want us stay out of their business and mind our own also knows we are supposed
    To run our own nation and not elsewhere!! Only our country as to ourselves are our business and stay out is the whole clue to why mess has been goin on since Biden s day one!!
    Under Trump they respected USA and we respect them also nothing happen or gotten this worse under him. Somehow he made peace even though it’s dangerous scare to the world but still was a great success then democrats disregarded went whole opposite of Trump since 2016 then boom things turn opposite as a big response towards Biden and democrats!
    Simply this means that worlds telling us to grow up work together be adults take care of each other also mind our own business also stay outta theirs!!
    Biden administration and democrats may disagree all they want! What else do they want?? War s goin to continue on and China s making their move!!
    We are getting drained badly if we stop looking at overseas and mind our own.
    They are saying they decide to have peace work out etc on their own when they are ready! It’s same as we can’t make a drug addict change spend money on them and expect they recover s the same as whatever overseas do; stay out!! Drug addicts change and will stop when they ask to stop is same as if we don’t get into. One of their business then they will stop doing invasions and war only we stay hell out and mind our own and concentrate to only USA and our allies except stay outta enemies way!! They will decide on their own just like yesterday Russian Putin offered peace and wld stop war; something had happen and disagreement happen! Why and what was it also who did it??
    We do something in between then Ukraine or Russians backed out. Was it our interference by our stupid media also by having Zelenskyy here ??
    Something triggered between them even after Russians Putin offered peace plan.
    Now China s stepping up goin after Taiwan.
    Enemies are actually testing us and getting us involved because they want to see us stay out 100 pct.
    They don’t care what we decide; get involved help also waste money or not whether world war starts or not.
    Reality they want us drained also our mess we been doing to ourselves since 2016 to STOP AND WE FUCKIN GROW UP ALSO MIND OUR OWN ALSO WORK TOGETHER HERE POLITICALLY TOGETHER!!
    This includes as a response to be maybe angry on how we politicians are doing everything we do by cheat elections also keep Trump from running again. What if the world also enemies really needs him and bring total peace???
    Open our eyes and our minds also listen!!!
    That’s whole picture of what’s really goin on.
    Nancy had been wild also did a big mess around Trump really effects the enemies because they were all on their way to complete world peace then democrats Nancy mess it all up especially by tearing up documents also sure world has seen the state of the union clip angers them because y’all disrespected Trump angers the enemy!!
    What we seen under Biden is a disaster and am not a supporter of both also am an independent looking from outside as an outsider see whole picture of what’s really goin on!!!
    War s goin on because they probably know the real reason or know what’s democrats reasons are since 2016 also war s goin on means Biden needs to tell truth about what really has happen behind curtains about his son s dealings with China also Ukraine also why Russia in it as well.
    They are saying enough s enough we keep hiding lying and keep getting our hands involved spending money there also still don’t tell us what really happen here and there behind Trumps back such as dealings with Ukraine went wrong then Bidens covering it up. Made things worse.
    That’s big picture!!!
    Again by an independent

    • Will says:

      Disregard Billy above just really wish this site has their own edit or correction before we send in messages. Asked this hundreds times and this site just won’t add it. Any mistakes misspelled or wrong pls accept my apologies. Thanks.
      This is for responses to Will above with mistakenly Billy written intentionally. It’s why needs an edit or correction on this site!!!

    • Cavalryman says:

      Will, your lack of pronouns and articles in your writing, makes it difficult to understand. If I understand you correctly you are calling for the US to become and isolationist nation. This would make you more aligned with the Libertarian party rather than an independent.

      I disagree with the direction of isolationism from the world. That may have been a good approach several hundred years ago but not today. The interconnectivity of the world makes it impossible to be secure as a country if we are not influencers and subjugate ourselves to being control by other countries.

      I will agree that there are representatives in DC that are professional politicians and not truly representatives of the people that elected them. I’ve seen it is usually those individuals that put their noses into other countries businesses, where they do not belong, and it is usually for personal gain. That is why I would like to see them all gone. (one word) Convention of states . com {COS}


  • Charles says:

    The American people, as well as the world, can always count on the democrats to start a conflict or war. Especially when negative press builds around them and need to deflect focus onto something else.

    I cannot recall any democratic president in office who fought for peace and freedom of the American people and did not get the USA involved in a conflict or war.

    Presidents Wilson (WWI), FDR (WWII), Truman (Korea), JFK (Vietnam), LBJ (Vietnam), Carter (Iran hostage crisis), Clinton (numerous civil and ethnic conflicts in the Balkans, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Somalia and Rwanda, the Middle East, and his secretive knowledge of Osama bin Laden’s plan to strike the USA) had to deflect the focus from Whitewater and Monica Lewinski), Obama (Arab spring, Al-Qaeda & terrorism growth, civil and racial divide in the USA, anti police and military ideology, open borders), Biden (open borders, probable conflict/war with Russia, China, N. Korea, and anyone else) as he is only halfway through the 1st term.

    Seems anything to raise taxes, spend money, and drive our country into a hole is what’s popular.

  • CAVALRYMAN says:

    If you’ve read my writing on this situation before, then you can see how this is just one more step toward the Biden WWIII scenario.

    We greatly need to fix the federal government. Time seems to be slipping away quickly under this administration. We the people have to take control through an Article V convention.

    (one word) Convention of states . com (COS)




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