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Chilling Video Shows People Turned Into Zombies on Philly Streets

“The City of Brotherly Love” has fallen.

And no, this isn’t some shot at the evergreen agony that is Philadelphia’s professional sports teams.

This is a genuine call for concern after a viral video revealed that the only discernible difference between the streets of Philly and the “Evil Dead” horror movies is the active presence of actor Bruce Campbell.

The video appears to have originated on the social media account Urban Visuals 2.0 last week before proliferating on social media.

WARNING: The following video contains imagery the viewer may find disturbing:

@urbanvisuals2.0 #kensingtonphilly #philadelphia #philadelphia #kensington #kensingtonphiladelphia ♬ original sound – Urban Visuals 2.0

It depicts swathes of mindless zombies trudging through the streets, but instead of searching for brains, they’re looking for their next fix.

The account identified the scene as taking place in the Kensington area of Philadelphia, which The New York Times described as “the neighborhood at the epicenter of the city’s drug trade” in a January report.

Urban Visuals has shared dozens of similarly bleak videos of the area on TikTok and YouTube.

Opioid addictions are terrifying enough on their own, but Philadelphia’s issues have reached another level because of the introduction of an animal sedative, xylazine, to bulk up fentanyl.

This new xylazine cocktail, known as “tranq,” “tranq dope” and “zombie drug,” is turning its abusers into zombies in more ways than one.

While any number of drug addictions can turn addicts into soulless husks of their former selves, tranq takes things a step further by transforming users into ambling zombies — rotting flesh and all.

WARNING: The following paragraph contains a graphic description of drug-related injuries that some people may find disturbing:

Here’s one grimly illustrative description from the Times of the grievous wounds that tranq use can leave someone with: “[The drug user] unrolled a bandage from elbow to palm. Beneath patches of blackened tissue, exposed white tendons and pus, the sheared flesh was hot and red. To stave off xylazine’s excruciating withdrawal, she said, she injects tranq dope several times a day. Fearful that injecting in a fresh site could create a new wound, she reluctantly shoots into her festering forearm.”

That report pointed to the distinct lack of hope that the city had for its tranq epidemic back then.

“It’s too late for Philly,” Shawn Westfahl, a Philadelphia outreach worker, told the Times. “Philly’s supply is saturated. If other places around the country have a choice to avoid it, they need to hear our story.”

That story is now officially a horror story, if the Kensington videos are any indication to go by.

But how did it get so bad? How did a city known by many as the home of a fictitious boxer become known for a movie about (once) fictitious zombies?

To the surprise of nobody who has been watching deep-blue cities for the last 20 years, much of the onus can be placed firmly on the shoulders of Democrats.

And this isn’t just an indictment of Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney or Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro. No, this rise in American zombies can be traced as high up as to President Joe Biden himself.

Worse yet, it’s not just a breadcrumb trail from Biden to this epidemic. It’s a clearly marked trail with bright flashing lights and sirens.

It’s no secret that the president and his administration are especially fond of illegal immigrants, leading to policymaking that has resulted in a genuinely porous southern border.

That porous border might as well be a giant, blinking neon “Open” sign for the cartels and drug peddlers to sell their poison to Americans.

Couple that influx of drugs with Democrats’ soft-on-crime sensibilities, and it breeds the perfect environment for a literal zombie drug to take hold in a once-great American city.

As grim as that is, all hope isn’t necessarily lost.

No, things are not good (at all) in deep-blue cities such as Philadelphia and Los Angeles. And it might take years and years to undo the damage that Democratic politicians have wrought while unchecked in their echo chambers.

But it can be undone. The right leadership just needs to be in place.

So please, be horrified, appalled and furious at the Kensington videos. Then carry all those emotions right to the voting booths in 2024.

Once-great American cities are literally depending on it.

  • JIMJO says:


  • Slevhammer says:

    Their brains are all burned out on crack, heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, you name it. Nothing to see here folks according to Biden.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    It was during Obama’s Administration that the CDC blamed the entire “War on Opioids” on Physicians, Patients & Pharmacies and you can verify that by using any search engine and typing in “Senate SubCommittee USPS Fentanyl” where their 1 yr long investigation learned that the USPS was the #1 trafficker in the illegal Fentanyl trade. So what did the Democratic Senate & CDC do – the wrote “Guidelines” and banished pain medication from legitimate pain patients, those on Hospice, those with horrendous chronic pain conditions from 50M responsible users. They said it was all “Pill Mills” and if you search YouTube of videos on the DEA raids deep enough you’ll find authentic videos of DEA agents PLANTING Opioids in Pharmacies (that had their own cameras) and you can see WHO was creating the false narrative so this garbage could continue. They would blame the legitimate sources Pharmaceutical Companies, spend Billions (wink wink) and create electronic RX monitoring (already being done) and write new laws (already in place). I’ve been a chronic pain patients for 22 years; after 33 surgeries under General Anesthesia and 1 under Epidural. I was a functional American, who saw Doctors & Specialists every month and got her meds at a legit Pharmacy every 30 days as required, and urinated in a cup to prove I only took what was prescribe and the right dosage. But WE were sacrificed for this narrative. Realize when you go to vote – everyone is just ONE work accident, ONE car accident away from being in my shoes. What would you do if you saw your Mother or your Husband devastated and in pain? That IS your reality because they had to push a FALSE narrative to cover up the truthful one. There is a difference between medication and illegal drugs. It’s all available online. 4M chronic pain patients have committed suicide. What did our soldiers do to deserve this when they came back from War harmed? Does anyone think relaxing music and the scent of Lavender erases their pain. If so, take your shoes off and drop a cinder block on your foot while singing the National Anthem without missing a note! That is what PAIN feels like – Go spray some Lavender Air Freshener and see if that helps. We got to Vote Republican and for Trump IF we want America to return to it’s former glory – – IF we want our children to have a childhood similar to ours, we must go BACK and stop the Steal of this Nation.



  • Patriot says:

    Couldn’t happen to a more useless city….good luck asshats.

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