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Chilling Letter Warns of 10/7-Style Attack by Illegal Immigrants Inside the United States

There’s nothing surprising about the all-out invasion taking place at the U.S.-Mexico border — Biden’s policies since day one in office guaranteed this result. But, in addition to the record-setting number of illegal immigrants turning themselves over to border agents after unlawfully entering the U.S., there has also been a similar and potentially more alarming surge in both the number of apprehended illegal immigrants on American terror watchlists and the number of known “got-aways” slipping into the U.S.

In a chilling letter to congressional leaders dated January 17, former federal law enforcement and national security officials spell out the danger of Biden’s open border that “arises from the nature of the threat itself.”

“Wars and espionage and bombings and riots are sadly familiar delivery systems of instability, intimidation and insecurity,” write the former senior FBI executives. “The country has faced these and more throughout its history and has held together, though not without struggle. The threat we call out today is new and unfamiliar,” the veterans of federal law enforcement explain. “In its modern history the U.S. has never suffered an invasion of the homeland and, yet, one is unfolding now.”

“Military aged men from across the globe, many from countries or regions not friendly to the United States, are landing in waves on our soil by the thousands — not by splashing ashore from a ship or parachuting from a plane by rather by foot across a border that has been accurately advertised around the world as largely unprotected with ready access granted,” the letter states of this new threat.

Indeed, as Townhall watched along the U.S.-Mexico border over the weekend, another group of illegal immigrants walked up to the border wall to surrender, claim asylum, and be processed. The 22 illegal immigrants including four unaccompanied children and one single adult male seen entering by Townhall — just a sliver of a percentage of the total under Biden — will be released into the U.S. with an initial court date up to six or seven years from now.

Townhall also saw piles of homemade ladders used by illegal immigrants and their cartel smugglers. As National Border Patrol Council Vice President Chris Cabrera explained, the cartels will send a group of dozens of illegal immigrants to surrender at the border wall gate. Once border agents are tied up processing that group, two or three ladders will go up against the wall and dozens more illegal immigrants will make their entry and disappear into the night as known “got-aways” while border patrol remains outmanned and outpowered by cartels and their human cargo at the border.

“It would be difficult to overstate the danger represented by the presence inside our borders of what is comparatively a multi-division army of young single adult males from hostile nations and regions whose background, intent, or allegiance is completely unknown,” the former FBI officials emphasize in their letter.

“In light of such a daunting, unprecedented penetration by uninvited foreign actors, it is reasonable to assert that the country possesses dramatically diminished national security at this time,” the letter continues. “The nation’s military and laws and other natural protective barriers that have provided traditional security in the past have been thoroughly circumvented over the past three years.”

After Biden took office in 2021, the letter explains, “the demographics of those crossing the porous southern boundary started to shift. Young men from around the world traveling alone and holding questionable motivations dramatically increased in number to become the most common profile of those breaching the nation’s borders. A startling number have been found on the terrorist watchlist or are from countries designated as State Sponsors of Terror distinctly unfriendly to the United States,” the former officials underscore.

Signatories to the letter include former FBI Criminal Investigative Division Assistant Director Chris Swecker, former FBI Terrorist Screening Center Director Tim Healy, and former FBI Training Division Assistant Director (and former Border Patrol Chief) Mark Morgan.

They note that the surge of lone military-aged men “is particularly alarming in light of the Hamas terror attack on Israel last October 7” because, as people “who have fought terrorism,” they “know that, historically, successful terror attacks invite mimicry” and “terror leaders intentionally cultivate throngs of young men possessing a certain easily-manipulated personality type to carry out atrocities.”

Specifically, the former officials note that while it’s “stark to say so…having a large number of young males now within our borders who could begin attacking gatherings of unarmed citizens, an imitation of 10/7 and at the behest of a foreign terror group, must be considered a distinct possibility. We would be remiss not to call out this potentially grave threat in the most direct terms. The warning lights are blinking,” the letter reiterates.

Such a threat seems like an obvious potential result of the lack of a secure border, yet “this very real concern does not seem to be getting the focus it logically deserves,” the former officials note. “The Director of the FBI has correctly assessed an elevated threat level since 10/7…but relatively little discussion has followed highlighting unsecured borders as a significant cause of this increasingly dangerous environment. It is a troubling concern that needs illumination,” the letter emphasizes, “not avoidance.”

Saying the “surge in numbers of single, military aged males descending upon American cities and towns is alarming and perilous,” the FBI veterans add that “they are not just from terror linked regions, but from China and Russia as well — hostile adversaries of the U.S. with aspirations to devastate national infrastructure.”

The chilling threat picture outlined by experts in their letter means the “elements of this recent surge are likely no accident or coincidence” and means the illegal immigrants streaming into the country are “potential operators in what appears to be an accelerated and strategic penetration, a soft invasion, designed to gain internal access to a country that cannot be invaded militarily in order to inflict catastrophic damage if and when enemies deem it necessary.”

The former officials, echoing calls issued by Republicans since Biden started gutting border security on day one of his administration, say that the “borders need to be secured against these young men and those already here illegally must be identified and removed without delay.” Such an effort “will take the coordinated, cooperative efforts of the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the rest of the Intelligence Community to achieve,” the letter explains.

It also, of course, will take the willingness of the president — who is currently spending more time and resources attacking and seeking to undermine the border security efforts undertaken by Texas and its governor, Greg Abbott — and cooperation from his Homeland Security Secretary — who is facing impeachment from the House for high crimes and misdemeanors related to his dereliction of border security duties.

“The country has been invaded, an invasion that will continue as long as the nation’s enemies perceive it will be tolerated,” the former officials warn. “Until it is stopped, the United States is extraordinarily less safe and secure. Knowing all of this, it would be a shameful travesty if some terrible attack, a preventable attack, were to occur against innocent Americans or the infrastructure that keeps the nation safe and functioning,” the letter concludes. “The government will have failed grievously in its duty to protect.”

  • Don says:

    This fucking administration is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
    If you let millions of “military age” men come into the country illegally and don’t see this threat, YOU are the problem. That is exactly their plan. They are coming from countries around the world.
    Impeach, Indict and Imprison the whole bunch.

  • alpo says:

    only one to stop this invasion is to OPEN FIRE on these illegal drug carrying murdering disease carrying raping robbing child molesting dregs of society then lets see how it stops. biden should be deported along with all of them back from whence they came. biden and the democrats will be the the ones that destroyed america. better arm yourselves and prepare yourselves when the illegals start their revolution against we americans because we are not giving them enough free bees and our houses ect. be vigilant and vote these democrats out of office before it really is too late.



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