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CDC Issues Health Alert About Rare, Serious Respiratory Disease

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an alert to doctors and parents about a rare respiratory disease that is affecting children.

The virus, called Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), has similar symptoms to influenza or the common cold, health officials said last week.

Other health officials say that while enteroviruses are very common viruses that affect 10 to 15 million Americans per year, EV-D68 is “less common than other types of enterovirus.”

“Healthcare providers and hospitals in several regions of the United States notified the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during August 2022 about increases in pediatric hospitalizations in patients with severe respiratory illness who also tested positive for rhinovirus (RV) and/or enterovirus (EV) … upon further typing, some specimens have been positive for enterovirus D68 (EV-D68),” said the CDC on its website in a Sept. 9 alert.

The CDC said that parents should contact their child’s doctor if they experiencing difficulty breathing or if their symptoms worsen. They also called on people to contact a healthcare provider if the child has a sudden onset of limb weakness.

Children with asthma might have a higher risk for severe respiratory illness caused by EV-D68, officials said.

“EV-D68 can also cause acute flaccid myelitis, an uncommon but serious neurologic condition which mostly affects children and causes the muscles and reflexes in the body to become weak,” the agency says.

There are no available vaccines or therapies for any enterovirus, the CDC alert said. It is recommended that doctors provide supportive clinical management of enteroviruses and related rhinoviruses, including EV-D68.

Prior outbreaks of EV-D68—first discovered in California in 1962—occurred in 2014, 2016, 2018, and in 2020 to a smaller extent, according to the agency’s alert. Data shows that the median age of children who obtained emergency department or inpatient care in 2018 was 3 years old, the CDC said.

“However, all ages of children and adolescents can be affected,” said the CDC. “Children with a history of asthma or reactive airway disease may be more likely to require medical care, though children without a known history of asthma can also present with severe illness. EV-D68 in adults is less understood but is thought to be more commonly detected in patients with underlying conditions.”

The CDC issued several recommendations regarding the virus, including advising people to wash their hands often; avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth; avoid close contact with people who are symptomatic; cover a cough or sneeze; clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces; and stay home when sick.

  • Patty says:

    This is another of Gates’ plans! Go after the kids! Complacent parents will have their kids take ALL vaccines, because they are too damned lazy to question them! Boost your kid’s immune systems, get NO vaccines! Proper nutrition and immune boosting foods will protect your kids, and yourselves. Wake up folks, it isn’t rocket science, just good common sense. This is designed to draw attention away from them rigging another election! Just like covid was released in time for the past election. Gates has even more dastardly plans in line to kill us off! He should be in prison for crimes against humanity, along with his “ mini me “ Fauci. That also includes Soros and schwab!

  • Grace Bruno says:

    Wow, the CDC has really become concerned about our health. Isn’t that wonderful. Every little cold or sniffle and they want to inject another of their poison potions into us. Stay aware people and don’t take any injections. You have a God given immune system that puts any injection to shame.

  • Candace says:

    This sounds eerily like the Guillame Barre that my daughter acquired after she was forced to take a flu shot. The CDC and WHO and everyone else in the big pharma industry are criminals.

  • Retired Trucker says:

    Like who has faith in the CDC ?

  • Sandy says:

    How many weeks are left until the election in November? Just in time for a new virus…..

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