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CDC Director Admits Agency Gave False Information on Covid Vaccine Safety

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has acknowledged publicly for the first time that the agency gave false information about its COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the agency’s director, said in a letter made public on Sept. 12 that the CDC did not analyze certain types of adverse event reports at all in 2021, despite the agency previously saying it started in February 2021.

“CDC performed PRR analysis between March 25, 2022, through July 31, 2022,” Walensky said. “CDC also recently addressed a previous statement made to the Epoch Times to clarify PRR were not run between February 26, 2021, to September 30, 2021.”

Walensky’s agency had promised in several documents, starting in early 2021, to perform a type of analysis called Proportional Reporting Ratio (PRR) on reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which it helps manage.

But the agency said in June that it did not perform PRRs. It also said that performing them was “outside th[e] agency’s purview.”

Confronted with the contradiction, Dr. John Su, a CDC official, told The Epoch Times in July that the agency started performing PRRs in February 2021 and “continues to do so to date.”

But just weeks later, the CDC said Su was wrong.

“CDC performed PRRs from March 25, 2022 through July 31, 2022,” a spokeswoman told The Epoch Times in August.

Walensky’s new letter, dated Sept. 2 and sent on Sept. 6 to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), shows that Walensky is aware that her agency gave false information.

‘Lacked Any Justification’

Walensky’s letter included no explanation of why that happened.

The letter “lacked any justification for why CDC performed PRRS during certain periods and not others,” Johnson, the top Republican on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Investigations, told Walensky in a response.

“You also provided no explanation as to why Dr. Su’s assertion … completely contradicts the CDC’s [initial] response … as well as your September 6, 2022, response to me,” he added.

He demanded answers from the CDC on the situation, including why the CDC did not perform PRRs until March and why the agency misinformed the public when it said no PRRs were conducted.

The CDC and Walensky did not respond to requests for comment.

“At no time have any CDC employees intentionally provided false information,” a CDC spokesperson, when correcting the agency’s previous responses, told The Epoch Times via email in August.

The spokesperson claimed that the false information was given because the CDC thought The Epoch Times and Children’s Health Defense, which received the first response, were asking about a different type of analysis called Empirical Bayesian data mining. But both The Epoch Times and Children’s Health Defense specifically listed PRRs in their queries.


The CDC has still not provided the results of the PRRs that were performed to The Epoch Times. It also did not provide them to Johnson. The Food and Drug Administration, which has conducted Empirical Bayesian data mining on Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System reports, recently refused to provide any of the results to the Epoch Times.

Walensky alleged in the new letter that Empirical Bayesian data mining is more reliable, and that the PRR results “were generally consistent with EB data mining, revealing no additional unexpected safety signals.”

“However, because of your failure to provide these analyses to Congress and to the American people, the public cannot verify your assertion,” Johnson said.

He added that the CDC’s “overall lack of transparency is unacceptable particularly in light of CDC’s inconsistent statements on this matter.”

  • Cheryl says:

    Effin liars!! That’s all these monsters are!!

  • Kurt says:

    Make sure to hold those well manicured finger nails up high for the world to see..

  • Art LaPella says:

    I have a math degree, and I didn’t recognize the phrases “Proportional Reporting Ratio” or “Empirical Bayesian”, although explanations of both are easy to look up on the Internet. So I don’t assume that confusing the two has to be deliberate.

  • Is this the reason why so many of the people at the CDC never got vaccinated They were telling us we must have it They went so far to allow nitwit Biden mandate it This has destroyed lives careers health all in the name of getting that big fat check from the big pharma She sounds like Joe Manchin she is so sorry after the fact She knew it all the time and withheld it This is the type fucking people we have now We would have been better off with nothing and allowed to go on with our lives Look at worthless Biden he kept getting it over and over because he stayed inside and didn’t get any sunlight This was told to us early on but people like this poor excuse and Fauci They need to be indicted and if it was or is effecting me like health and income career for the military people athletes being turned away from hospitals job termination This woman Fauci frankenstein Biden Austin the joint chiefs colleges and universities I hope there will be justice for the people that have had to suffer because of them The fucking old bastard Biden and his Gestapo destroying everything they touch and history tells us all good thing come to an end So all of you that discriminated against our citizens will pay the price in some way I don’t mean arrested or anything like that the will be judged by a higher authority This is disgusting and shameful of our government How many people were discriminated against and even religious rights were trampled upon

  • Ezra says:

    When will the woke admit to themselfs they have accountability for what they not just what they say BUT WHAT THEY DO!!!!

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