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CBS Pulls Ukraine Documentary After WH Blowback — Watch it Here

CBS bosses have had second thoughts and decided they did too much journalism.

The interview that was posted at CBS two days ago featuring an intrepid reporter who dared to ask the right questions about who was receiving the billions of dollars in weapons that the United States provided to Ukraine has been deleted.

Thank God for Bitchute and Rumble. Once you post some news it can live on.

Here is the full report:

This report apparently had been in the works since April. How do I know? Look at the clothing (e.g., coats and sweaters) many are wearing in the portions of the video showing the reporter and his companions trying to deliver weapons to front line Ukrainian troops. It is important to note that the CBS reporter is very supportive of the Ukrainians fighting the Russians. He also interviews a former U.S. Marine who is enthusiastic about killing Russians and not concerned about U.S. weapons going astray.

But this reporter inadvertently provides further video evidence that corroborates the piece I wrote in May–Ukrainian Military Units Continue Rebelling against Their Commanders. After you watch the CBS report you will know why the Ukrainian troops in the videos I posted were rebelling against their incompetent chain of command–they were not getting the weapons they needed to fight.

One troubling question remains–what happened to the weapons siphoned off that were not delivered to the troops at the front? Who has them and who is buying them?

Since May, the situation facing Ukrainian forces in the Donbas has become more dire. The Russians claim they are making progress:

Solidar – KNAUF factory grounds, and, consequently, the eastern part of the town, is taken. Similar actions underway in Bakhmut. Explanation of the Russian tactics near both towns, as well as near Avdeyevka. News on possible reconnaissance by combat by the Russian troops towards Nikolayev – a move is taken very seriously by the Ukrainian planners who prepare for the defense of Nikolayev, anticipating a Russian attack there.

Solidar, Bakhmut and Avdeyevka are heavily fortified. The Ukrainian soldiers hunkered in trenches and bunkers have been pounded mercilessly with artillery, rockets and missiles. The Ukrainian General Staff insists it is holding the line and stopping the Russian advance:

In a briefing, the General Staff of the Ukrainian armed forces said the Russian forces tried to conduct several assaults in Donetsk against multiple settlements near Sloviansk, but the Ukrainian forces pushed them back.

“With offensive actions, the enemy tried to improve its tactical position near Verkhnokamianske, a village in Donetsk region, but was unsuccessful and retreated,” the General Staff said.

The Russians also “conducted offensive and assault actions in the districts of Bakhmut, Zaitseve, Yakovlivka and Vershina but were unsuccessful and retreated,” the General Staff added, saying that fighting continues near Kodema, Krasnohorivka, Avdiivka, Pisky and Mariinka.

The General Staff also reported that Russia is “concentrating its main efforts on preventing the advance of our troops” in the south and shelling “the entire line of contact.”

We will know by Friday who is telling the truth about which force is advancing and which is retreating. But the Russians and Ukrainians agree on one point–Russia is shelling the “entire line of contact.”

  • John says:

    That’s because the Democrat communist one world order pigs don’t want the world to know that the money they sent to Ukraine never got to the Ukraine people and went into every satanic Democrat pedophile parties bank accounts, these deceiving lying and defrauding the American people, thesr satanic pigs loves to play these games to the American taxpayers, just get a rope and hang them all by the neck for high treason they deserve a lot worse

    • alexander Jacques says:

      Hey John , you shouldn’t feel as pissed off as it sounds in your statement. I know it is hard to ignore completely what is going on and happening around us. and you and I are fortunate to be able to accept and ignore it at the same time.

      • Paul49 says:

        How can you possibly ignore what is going on. We are sending billions to the Ukraine with little results. No accounting for the money sent. We would never been involved in this if china joe had not kept poking the Bear. China joe wants this was
        R to show his strength, which he has none of.

        • Rob says:

          In the meantime we’re also hiring 87k IRS people, subsiding Obamacare etc. Nothing for social security, vets, homeless mess or the middle class.

  • alexander Jacques says:

    Russia seems to be conducting an old type of war as I watch. Russians sure conduct wars vastly different than the west does. Of course, it is the east agitating the west and vice versa. This leads me to believe that outside forces are in control of every animal, bird, human and moving object on this planet, bar none, think about it, to make it worse the earth is turning at the same time. WOW!
    So are WE moving on its surface, What is dizziness?

  • jrobby says:

    Russia will win in a few weeks no matter how many arms the MIC/US Legislators ship over to Ukraine.



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