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Cause of Death Revealed for SEAL Team 1 Commander

A decorated Navy SEAL found dead at his home in San Diego took his own life, authorities have said.

Cmdr. Robert Ramirez III, 47, a war hero whose awards include medals for service in Iraq and Afghanistan, was found on Monday.

The San Diego medical examiner’s office told that Ramirez died by suicide.

Friends of relatives of Ramirez continued to pay tribute to the married father last night after news of his death on Wednesday. He took command of the elite SEAL Team 1 only a month ago, having arrived at the unit in June.

He joined the military in 1996 and was commissioned in 2008.

He has three Combat Action Ribbons, including for service in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

His other decorations include five Bronze Star Medals, two with the Combat ‘V’ device denoting valor and acts of heroism.

Miguel Riggs, a childhood friend and former basketball teammate, described Ramirez as a ‘very bright man’.

Military colleagues remembered him as a ‘great hero’ and ‘brother and friend’.

Capt. David Abernathy, commanding officer of Naval Special Warfare Group 1, which manages all San Diego-based SEAL teams, said: ‘Bobby was an outstanding leader, devoted husband and father, and a good friend to us all.

‘This is a devastating loss to our community and all who knew him. We will remain in support of Bobby’s family, friends and teammates during this extremely difficult time.’

The San Diego sheriff opened an investigation into the death but ruled out foul play.

He was married to wife Anne and they raised a family together.

A friend, Jennifer James, said: ‘I am devastated. Anne Ramirez and Robert Ramirez III have been my friends since high school and have represented our country through multiple deployments and sacrifices to serve the mission of the USA.

‘We lost an amazing human on Monday and Anne and Bobby’s story must be told.’

Obi Ugochukwu, a Navy medic, said: ‘This is just a devastating loss. The pain of this loss cuts really deep.

‘Many of us were at Bobby’s Change of Command Ceremony and it was such a joyous occasion. I can’t understand this and I am just praying for Anne, the children and the rest of the family.

‘We lost a GREAT HERO and this will hurt for a very long time.’

  • Disillusioned says:

    What a shame. I did notice that he also had a Navy Good Conduct Medal, meaning he was prior enlisted (officers do not get them) before he was commissioned. Rest in peace shipmate.

  • Michael says:

    Something is not right here . Navy Seal , new command and he kills himself ? I think they need to find a medical examiner that can’t be threatened or intimidated and redo the autopsy . with every pieces of evidence and photos they have . And do an Indepth toxicology exam . No one just wakes up and decides i am going to end my life today and does it . There has to be something they are missing or not saying .

  • Rich says:

    this just sounds fishy to me. something is not being told. or they are hiding something from us. Everything they have described about him tells me that it should not or could not be a suicide.

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