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Car Crashes Into Biden’s Motorcade — Secret Service Pulls Guns on Driver

President Joe Biden was left unscathed on Sunday night after a vehicle smashed into his motorcade near his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware.

A car hit a U.S. Secret Service SUV used to block off intersections as Biden made his way from his campaign office to his awaiting vehicle.

The sedan then tried to continue into the closed-off intersection before the Secret Service surrounded the car with weapons, instructing the driver to put his hands up.

The president and First Lady Jill Biden were left unharmed from the incident.

Biden seemed shocked by the loud bang from the collision and paused before being rushed into his vehicle. The First Lady wished reporters a “Happy Holidays” just moments before the accident occurred.

It was not immediately clear whether the driver acted unintentionally or whether his actions were politically motivated.

Less than a month before the first votes are cast in the 2024 Republican primary, Biden’s campaign team railed against comments made by former President Trump, claiming he is scaring and dividing the United States.

“In 2020, Americans chose President Biden’s vision of hope and unity over Trump’s vision of fear and division — and they’ll do the same next November,” Biden campaign spokesperson Ammar Moussa said in a statement.

Over the weekend, Trump— who is dominating the polls— blasted Biden for failing to secure the border. The 45th president has repeatedly used the phrase “poisoning the blood” when talking about the millions of illegal aliens Biden has allowed to enter the U.S. during his term.

According to a recent CNN poll, Trump is currently leading Biden by five percentage points in Georgia— a state Biden carried in 2020 by about 12,000 votes. The poll also found that Trump has taken the lead by 10 points against the president in Michigan, where Biden won by about 155,000 votes in 2020.

At the same time, a Wall Street Journal poll found that Biden is trailing behind Trump with an approval rating of 37 percent— one of the lowest for the president since he entered office.

  • J says:

    Another CIA/DOJ false flag.

  • Blackwidow says:

    Good grief Charlie brown ,biden and his nurse weren’t even close to where it crashed ,so of course they were unscathed. It was just someone wanting to give joe his sack of mailin ballots.



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