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Canadian Influencer Dies “Suddenly and Unexpectedly” at Age 21

Canadian influencer and TikTok star Megha Thakur from Brampton, Ontario died “suddenly and unexpectedly” at the age of 21 on Thursday, November 24, according to her family.

“It is with heavy hearts we announce the light of our life, our kind, caring, and beautiful daughter, Megha Thakur, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on November 24, 2022 in the early morning hours,” the caption reads.

“Megha was a confident and independent young woman. She will be dearly missed. She loved her fans and would have wanted you to know of her passing. At this time, we request your blessings for Megha. Your thoughts and prayers will be with her in her onward journey,” the post concluded.

The nature of her death is still unclear.

The cause of death was not disclosed by her family, but some reports indicate she was killed in a car crash.

“Thakur was a popular social media influencer, whose content focused on body positivity and self confidence. Her TikTok account reached over 900,000 followers and approximately 32 million likes since she posted her first video in November 2019,” according to Western Gazette.

“Thakur studied computer science at Western University in fall 2021. She lived in Delaware Hall in her first year before moving to Saugeen to work in her second year. She was previously a model for CAISA fashion show, the largest student-run charity fashion show in Canada,” the outlet reported.

Tributes have poured in following her death.

One follower wrote, “Megha knew how much of a force she was in the influencer space and how many women looked up to her, I told her all the time. we lost an angel too soon. I’m keeping you and your family in my thoughts.”

Another wrote, “she inspired me so much her love was unconditional always wanted to see others win nothing but the best things to say about her my heart is so broken. sending your family so so much love.”

“Found Megha scrolling through my reels one day, her confidence really caught my eye. I loved her platform, she spread so much positivity and helped me become more confident about my own body. may this beautiful soul rest in peace,” another supporter wrote.

  • bar says:

    OTHER sources say that she was in a car accident!! Yes it was sudden and unexpected but it was a CAR ACCIDENT!

  • T-Bilt says:

    I wonder how many people she “influenced” into getting the jab?

    The plandemic seems to be running along as planned… millions will continue to die suddenly as the clot shot does its job. I’ll bet those that succumbed to the propoganda and took the jab, and then got boosted, are a little anxious about their decision. Folks are beginning to drop like flies cruising through a poisonous cloud of Raid.

    • Quasimodo 2020 says:

      I am guessing the petson she influenced the most is the grim reaper because he came and got her. Sorry gallows humor but influencers are nothing more then judas goats leading a bunch of sheep.

  • John says:

    what a joke “DIES SUDDENLY” or using the words “UNEXPECTEDLY”, has to be redefined in the Webster dictionary of democrat pedophile and communist agenda education as taking the “Biden” and fu*k face “fauci” communist lab created communist democrat-backed death virus vaccine & booster New World Order euthanasia shots.

  • The Truth says:

    We shouldn’t lower ourselves to Democrat tactics of making EVERYTHING a “Fact” for justification of personal wants and beliefs. We can only “ASSume” the situation and “some reports indicate she was killed in a car crash”. It doesn’t take but a single person is wrong to allow MSM to tell the world how Conservatives are ‘Conspiracy Theorists”.

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