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California Councilman Arrested on Multiple Election Fraud Charges from 2020 Election

Democrats tried to tell us that the 2020 election was the most “secure election in history”, but more election fraud has just been uncovered. California council member Shakir Khan has been arrested for suspicion of election fraud specifically in the 2020 election.

“Our investigation uncovered that councilman Shakir Khan has attempted to undermine, manipulate and violate one of our most fundamental rights here in our country, and that is the right to free and fair elections,” said San Joaquin County Sheriff Patrick Withrow at a press conference.

“It appears councilman Shakir Khan has targeted members of his own community, our Pakistani community in the north county,” he continued. “And we are doing everything we can to work with them to make sure that they are protected and that any damage done to them or their families is corrected by this man’s actions.”

According to Fox40, here are the charges he faces:

•Submission of fraudulent registration to the Secretary of State

•Submission of fraudulent Candidacy petition

•Aiding/abetting the commission of fraud at any election

•Subscription of fictitious names to nomination petitions

More on the story from Fox40:

When they searched Khan’s home, 41 sealed and completed mail-in ballots were allegedly found. At the time, Khan was running for the District 4 seat on the Lodi City Council.

“When we saw this, we thought that something was off here and we didn’t know we had a crime at this particular point because there was a recent change in election law and people can turn in ballots on behalf of another,” Capt. Art Harty of the sheriff’s office said in the press conference.

Officials from the sheriff’s office said Thursday there were 23 names registered to vote at Khan’s address and 47 others were registered to vote at other addresses but used Khan’s email and phone number.

Watch the press conference here:

Mark Mendlovitz has an in-depth twitter thread on the matter:

  • j says:

    funny how all these Mexicans come to the USA…..and then want this Country to operate like Mexico

  • Dawn Remington says:

    I wonder how many more examples the Supreme Court needs to right the greatest crime that is being perpetrated on the American people, VOTER FRAUD. And even more insulting, fraud from a mid eastern Pakistani, who obviously has no allegiance to America. You would think his fellow countrymen would stop him or turn him in. So discouraging.

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