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Brutal Attack Caught on Video as Black Man Beats Up, Robs Elderly Asian Woman in Oakland

A black male suspect brutally assaulted and robbed an elderly Asian woman in a recent unprovoked attack in Oakland, California, according to video surveillance footage.

This assault comes after news broke out earlier this week that violent thieves have been targeting Asian senior citizens near their Westlake Christian Terrace senior living facility. The suspect has not yet been identified, per the Daily Mail.

At least 13 elderly asians reported to Oakland police that they had been attacked, but the facility president, Sister Marie Taylor, told ABC 7 that she documented nearly 30 incidents, all of which have occurred over the past month. Leaders at the facility said that not all victims have reported their attacks due to fear and shame.

It’s unclear what exact day this new attack occurred, but recent video footage published to X on Saturday showed a black male suspect – wearing a “Wild Boyz” black hoodie – approach the elderly victim as she was walking down the street with another younger woman, who also appeared to be Asian.

The suspect unleashed a punch to the head, knocking the elderly Asian victim to the ground. He then punched the other woman who tried to intervene. While the elderly victim was on the ground, the suspect stole her items and assaulted her further before fleeing from the scene.

Following the other reported violent robberies, Oakland police conducted a sting operation near the senior living facility, which resulted in several key arrests.

Some of these attacks resulted in broken bones and emergency room visits. Authorities urged those residing at the senior living facility to walk in groups and only during the daytime.

The senior living facility is located north of Lake Merritt on 28th Street and houses more than 700 residents, of which the average age is 85. About 50 senior citizens rallied on Wednesday to express concerns about the recent attacks.

  • TD says:

    You can kill somebody pretty easy hitting the in the head especially when they are old, They should find this scum as soon as posable, He could be the one that has done all of the attacks, There is always a black making the black community look bad more so than any other race of people, Anybody knows who it is should turn him in to the police

  • Dorothy says:

    This administration with their soft on Felons are causing the Blacks to go around and kill. Look at the big bully hitting an old woman. They do not care who they beat upon. He is nothing but garbage and should be treated so.

  • Ancient Brit says:

    This Scumbag needs a double tap.

  • Richard Anderson says:

    Escape from Oakland.

  • Fred says:

    It’s just another “peaceful” protest in the eyes of the demoncrats.



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