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Britain Is Now Paying ‘Damage Awards’ to Vaccine Victims

The United Kingdom has rolled out a financial compensation program for individuals and families who have been harmed by the COVID-19 vaccine, despite repeated claims by U.S. corporate media entities denying any negative health impacts of the vaccines created by their largest advertisers.

Under the program, the first payments, which amount to a maximum of almost $150,000, have already been made to family members of individuals injured or killed as a result of the experimental vaccine.

Vikki Spit, whose 48-year-old partner Zion became unwell eight days after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine and ultimately, is believed to be the first recipient of a sum from the government’s vaccine damage payment scheme (VDPS).

The VPDS will compensate British citizens with a tax-free payment of up to £120,000, or nearly $141,000. Vaccines for roughly 20 diseases are eligible for payments under the program and archives of the British government’s website show that COVID-19 was added between November 2020 and July 2021.

To receive a payment, individuals must demonstrate that a vaccine left them “severely disabled,” which the British government quantifies as at least 60 percent disabled.

“This could be a mental or physical disablement and will be based on medical evidence from the doctors or hospitals involved in your treatment,” explains the application guidelines.

Family members can also apply on behalf of injured individuals, as the British government’s portal explains: “You can also apply for this payment on behalf of someone who has died after becoming severely disabled because of certain vaccinations. You need to be managing their estate to apply.”

So far, the National Health Service (NHS) Business Services Authority, the body that handles the VDPS, confirmed that as of May 2022 it had received 1,681 claims related to COVID-19 vaccines.

“Based on current timescales, once medical records have been sent for assessment, we expect to receive an outcome for most cases from the independent medical assessor within 12 weeks,” explained a spokesperson.

The new program follows controversy over the flawed efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines as well as massive conflicts of interest between pharmaceutical representatives and politicians pushing vaccine mandates.

Government health agencies have also helped obscure data from COVID-19 vaccine trials, which, when released, suggests the vaccines don’t confer the same level of immunity as touted by their advocates in the White House and mainstream media.

  • Pat says:

    The payments to injured parties will care for them for about 5 minutes! This is outrageous!

    • TP says:

      You may be right but at least the Brits are admitting the jab wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. That’s a lot more honest than our government.

    • Mary Krollzik says:

      Yup and there tausends and tausends ingenious and for what? Just power and control

  • DP says:

    I live in this totalitarian state (UK)
    I was rushed to hospital with heart failure on both the first jabs. Outright denial and refusal to acknowledge ANY side effects was the standard here. Continually harassed by our doctor to have the booster in spite of him being fully aware of the entire saga. I asked him to put it in writing that I wouldn’t suffer any more agonising pain, and he refused.

    Not heard a single word of compensation mentioned anywhere here.

    The British establishment are one and the same who’s ass you removed in 1776. Don’t trust them.

  • Ellen Martin says:

    It is a nice gesture for Britain to want to compensate the people that have been lied to it’s better than our government our government still trying to mandate us to get the vaccines and saying it’s a good thing but people are dying and they’ve made more baby coffins for those vaccines over in the United States then people can talk about I don’t know what all the lies are I know there are too many to talk about but I think everyone that has been vaccinated will have a serious problem because at least three people I know that got the vaccines and they’re fully boosted they have come close to dying at least six times and they’ve had to have pacemakers and stuff put in for their hearts and it’s just sad one of them is my brother and I don’t even think I’ll live to see him by the summer next year I think he’ll probably die and I think family should be compensated for all their lives we were never told in the United States that it’s a clinical trial we are never given a choice to say yes or no they mandated them not everyone got them but they still mandated them and they are pushing us to do things that we’re totally resistive to so while I think Britain is doing a nice gesture I still wonder how much crookedness is going behind this vaccine it breaks my heart that people suffer so much I pray that everything comes out to the good oh on top of all that there was an article that just came out that women and the UK written that refuse to get the vaccine they are finding them $50,000 because I did not get the vaccine if anyone can tell me if this is true or not true please let me know I will be adding my email address to this article I’m just curious what’s real what’s not real anymore because our government has been lying to us so badly I would not want to come to America if I was in another country I pray for everyone’s good health and for us to get to the bottom of all this and thank you for listening to my share

  • Ellen Martin says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with your heart but that is similar and some of the things that they are talking about in the United States that people are having heart problems or having to pacemakers they’re getting heart infections all kinds of things and if you could see the way the proteins drop in the blood and kill people I think you would understand how your heart’s having trouble I just wish they would have been honest with everyone and let us have the option whether we wanted to be vaccinated or not

    • FramerMCB says:

      Ellen – I concur. But I would add that our governments (around the world) have not been honest about C-19 or the Vaxxes that supposedly protect againt it (they don’t). That this was all by nefarious design – specifically crafted to kill people (the so-called protection shots). Those pushing them at the government and health-authority positions knew this and as such are culpable. At the end of the day, even the hospitals, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists administering these shots will be judged. And many will most likely get the death penalty, or worse. These shots are designed to kill – some quickly, some slower – again, by design.



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