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Board Members Brawl After Dad Exposes Sexually Explicit Books

An Alaska school board member stood up against the vice president as he attempted to shut down a dad speaking out against sexually explicit materials in school libraries.

“We hear so much about diversity, inclusion and equity and how it’s one of the… main objectives of the school board in the school district,” the dad, Jay McDonald, said at an Anchorage school board meeting on Feb. 7.

“We don’t often see specific examples of what diversity, inclusion and equity looks like, though. So today I brought an excellent representation. This is like the archetype of diversity, inclusion, equity material that it’s one of the books that was just recently purchased for our libraries,” he continued.

The example of diversity, equity and inclusion the father raised was a book with pornographic imagery and sex advice called “Let’s Talk About it.” In one example, the book unpacks “kinks, fantasies, and porn.”

“There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some porn, it’s a fun sugary treat,” the book said. “When consumed right, porn can help you discover new aspects of your sexuality.”

“A great place to research fantasies and kinks safely is on the internet,” the book said. “There’s tons of people and communities out there who share your interests and have all kinds of advice.”

The dad read from the portion of the book which provided tips to kids on sending naked pictures to their peers.

“This is a book for kids!” the dad said.

“So before you start sending your naughty masterpieces around the world, take some time to get friendly with photo editing, software and apps,” the book stated.

At that point the vice president of the board, Carl Jacobs, interrupted the father. Jacobs demanded McDonald stop his comments against the book.

“I’m going to interrupt you at this point. Just sounds like you have a concern about a book, I’d be glad to get connected to the superintendent or team to go through the appropriate processes,” he said.

The dad replied, “I’d appreciate if you don’t interrupt my time.”

After Jacobs maintained the dad could no longer speak about the book, one of his board member colleagues – Dave Donley – spoke out against his decision.

“Mr. President, I don’t think he’s violated any rules. I mean, he hasn’t used… bad words.”

The two exchanged a back and forth before Donley appealed Jacob’s ruling, which brought the decision to a 5-2 vote. The majority voted against the father speaking.

School board members Jacobs, Pat Higgins, Margo Bellamy, Kelly Lessen and Dora Wilson voted to silence the father. Donley and Andy Holleman voted against the decision.

Fox News Digital reached out to the school board members about their vote but did not immediately receive a response.

The father told Fox News that he yanked his kids from the district’s schools, and currently homeschool them. He wants to alert parents about the materials available to their kids.

His daughter has already learned about gender identity when she was in kindergarten and first grade, he said.

“We came to realize that they had already been talking to her at that point about the gender stuff,” he said, “It sounds harmless and innocuous, but… what it does in their little minds, it’s very confusing to them. And I’m glad that we got her out of school when we did.”

He continued, “It’s not about one book or two books or ten books. This is a much larger push. They’re pushing critical gender theory on kids starting in elementary school. They’re encouraging them to get what they call ‘gender creative,’ and they’re transitioning them in the public schools, and they’re doing it without prior notification or consent from the parents. And in some cases they never tell the parents. So I’m encouraging people, like if you’re not able to homeschool, please just sit down with your kids and talk to them about what they hear in school.”

  • Sarah says:

    HOW are these schools funded? If someone says they are funded with TAXPAYER DOLLARS, then I have a really good idea. STOP FUNDING THEM. Start going to your local tax collector’s office and staging these same protests that all these nutjobs who WANT this garbage all over everywhere have been doing. Only do it with a tad more class and fewer men dressed up as psychotic rainbow idiots. If the tax collector doesn’t get the message and get some attention on it, then find more people and go up to the next person/office in line. And when it comes time to pay the property tax (In my state, the majority of the school funding is from property tax) get a large group in the same area together and head over to with your group to explain how since you are not allowed to have a say in how or even whether the local public school grooms your children, then you will not be paying property tax until they are not used to fund child molesters! Also, look at the laws on pedophiles and child porn in your area and federally. Those books qualify as child porn and anyone who put them in front of your child is a groomer.

  • Frank says:

    In our small town in Maine we have a recall provision that we used just recently to remove two school board members that were supporting same kind of bullshit going on in all the schools dealing with sexual situation of all kinds



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