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Blue State’s Clamps Down on Landlords, Delivers Massive Victory to Illegal Immigrants

An Illinois law set to go into effect at the beginning of 2024 will ban landlords from discriminating against potential tenants on the basis of their immigration status.

Illinois Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed SB 1817 into law late last month, which will add “protections in the Illinois Human Rights Act for housing regarding immigration status protection and discriminatory advertising.”

The law was part of several pieces of legislation Pritzker signed last month, including another law aimed at giving undocumented immigrants access to state drivers licenses. The bill replaces the current Temporary Visitor Driver’s License with a standard license that will last four years, a move that will impact over 300,000 people who currently hold the temporary licenses.

“This legislation is a significant step in eliminating the barriers to opportunity that many undocumented immigrants face,” Pritzker said in a statement after signing the driver’s license legislation, according to Fox 32. “We’re ensuring every eligible individual can obtain a driver’s license, making our roads safer, decreasing stigma, and creating more equitable systems for all.”

The effort to expand housing rights to undocumented immigrants was led by Democratic State Sen. Ann Gillespie, who argued the bill would make sure people are not “unjustly denied housing.”

“This law sets clear boundaries, protecting the rights of immigrants and ensuring that financial institutions and service providers cannot engage in discriminatory practices,” Gillespie said in a press release last week.

Gillespie also noted that the bill would prohibit third party loan modification service providers from modifying their terms of service based on immigration status, though inquiries into immigration status will still be allowed where required by law.

“By making this change, we are breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for immigrants to establish homes and contribute to our communities,” Gillespie said in the release. “Someone’s background should not disqualify them from buying or renting property.”

  • k says:

    GOP Senate Rocks Liberal Holy Grail – This Could End the Gravy Train for Illegals

    There is a reason we are seeing an endless flood of illegal aliens coming into our country. And it’s not just because America is infinitely better than the nations they are fleeing. It’s because Democrat operatives go to these countries and promise illegals the moon. Aliens are incentivized to risk their lives (and the lives of their children) to cross many borders to come to America because liberals are offering them all kinds of handouts.

    Never mind the fact this is illegal under federal law. They do it anyway because they want to exploit illegal aliens for votes.

    We’ve known this for a long time, but nobody was doing anything about it (aside from President Trump). But now, it looks like a growing movement within the GOP is set to shut down this gravy train. And a top GOP senator, along with members of the House, is moving to rip one of the left’s biggest carrots for illegal immigration.

    From Daily Caller:

    Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance and a group of House Republicans sent a letter Thursday to Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra, calling on the agency to bar illegal immigrants from being able to use Obamacare…

    “This policy further burdens programs intended to serve U.S. citizens and simultaneously encourages more aliens to enter our country illegally,” the lawmakers wrote in the letter.

  • Stephanie says:

    The problem here is “illegal” immigrants. Does “illegal” mean anything anymore? Where’s their money for rent, to purchase a car, get a driver’s license, buy anything coming from? The American taxpayer? First and foremost, Biden and his cohorts need to go. He has committed treason, the highest crime in this country. His blinded sided administration needs to go with him. Doesn’t anyone stand up for what’s right, the truth, to protect the American citizen? Illegals need to be returned to their country of origin. Immigration laws need to be followed. I guess since the government can break their own laws, illegal means nothing today. Too bad many Americans don’t see their freedoms drifting away. Telling landlords who they must rent to discourages people from owning rental property. That leaves a window open so the government can step in and take over. Fits right in with socialism. Soon they’ll tell citizens where they can and cannot liver. Forget the hard working citizens that pay the taxes that pay their wages and enhances their misguided spending. There’s so much evidence on Biden’s criminal activity while in office, who has any respect left for the government today? When will our elected politicians stop stalling and get the ball rolling on this corrupt, lawless, government?

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