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Bizarre: CIA Is Attempting to Resurrect The Woolly Mammoth

Besides backing rebel groups and planning coups in foreign nations, the CIA has found enough time to invest its time into resurrecting the woolly mammoth.

According to a report by The Intercept, the CIA is investing in a biotechnology company called Colossal Biosciences which is aiming to bring back to life extinct animals such as the woolly mammoth.

Per its site, Colossal Biosciences will use CRISPR gene editing in order to cut and replace the woolly mammoth’s DNA.

Robert Klitzman who currently serves as a bioethicist at Columbia University is very cautious about the project.

Klitzman told The Intercept “You’re going into DNA, which is a 3-billion-molecule-long chain, and clipping some of it out and replacing it. You can clip out bad mutations and put in good genes, but these editing scissors can also take out too much.”

The CIA is dispersing the funds to Colossal Bioscienesc through In-Q-Tel a venture capitalist firm.

A recent blog post that was posted by In-Q-Tel states that the funding to Colossal Biosciences is not only about bringing the woolly mammoth back to life but rather setting an ethical standard in genetic engineering technology.

While inflation has hit a record high of 9.1% the CIA is running around spending taxpayer dollars on experiments that will more than likely cause terror rather than life.

  • Zelma says:

    CIA….central intelligence agency…may need to change it’s name to CIA…central idiots agency….cuz bringing back a wooly mammoth is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Scurvydog says:

    Covid 19 was supported by the Department of Defense in order to make a biological weapon. Look at what happened to the world as a result, and is still going on. Researchers just this week gleefully announced they had enhanced the virus to an 80% kill rate in lab mice! Now, the CIA is working on a project to bring back the wooly mammoth? Why? Do they plan to “chip” it some way to force it to stampede enemy strongholds? Good grief! In the book of Revelations, John wrote that during the tribulation period, millions would die from pestilence (virus and bacteria), and wild beasts! (Perhaps regenerated Mammoths?) The government is playing God, and it’s not going to end well.

  • phrowt says:

    What has this to do with National Security? Congress needs to redefine the CIA’s charter.

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