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Biden’s Thanksgiving Day Phone Call Goes off the Rails

Has there been any presidency in history that has been as bumbling as the Biden administration? It’s like watching one big gag that never ends. Who could have guessed that putting the political equivalent of a bunch of gender studies majors in high positions of power wouldn’t go smoothly?

And yet, here we are, with the President of the United States unable to even complete a pre-planned Thanksgiving Day phone call without things going off the rails. Biden was scheduled to call NBC News reporter Dylan Dryer live on-air. Here’s how that went per The New York Post.

“I’m not one to take a phone call during TV, but I think I should answer this one,” Dreyer said.

“Hello, Mr. President?” the reporter said.

But no one answered as Jill Biden could faintly be heard in the background after seconds of dead air and confusion.

“I don’t think I can hear you…” Dreyer then said. “Can you hear me, Mr. President.”

Biden could then be heard saying something to the first lady and then Dreyer chimed in, “Hello? Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. President. Are you there?”

Eventually, Biden finally figured out what was going on and started reciting his planned lines about honoring first responders. He obviously screwed that up, though, given that Jill Biden jumped into the middle of his statement to remind him to talk about remembering US military members. If you heard it live, it was an awkward exchange despite no doubt being rehearsed.

Still, what struck me about this entire spectacle was how different the standards are when it comes to media relationships with different politicians. Would NBC News have ever done a fluff segment like that with Donald Trump? I think we know the answer to that.

In the end, it’s not a big deal. Of all the things to rag on Biden about, his flubbing a phone call is pretty low on the list. Yet, the whole thing just felt like a metaphor for his presidency. Even the most basic tasks turn into cringe moments because he’s so obviously declining mentally. That his wife has to continually rescue him only adds to the bad optics. Is it any wonder tyrants are on the march throughout the world right now when the president doesn’t even know where he is?

  • Larry Wahnsiedler says:

    Biden is nothing but a dementia riddled moron.

  • Richard Mundy says:

    Here’s my take on all this yes there’s blame on the part of Dr. Jill wanting to be the first lady. However, the real blame belongs to all of the Democratic party who pushed this incompetent mentally ill Joe Biden into the presidency these scum bags deserved to be removed from office and never to be able to run for another one anywhere in this country.

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