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Biden’s DHS Gives Cellphones to Over 255K Illegal Aliens

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has given cellphones, with the intent of tracking their whereabouts, to more than 255,000 border crossers and illegal aliens released into the United States over the last year.

The data, published by DHS, reveals the extent to which the Biden administration has ballooned the size of the Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program to more easily and quickly released hundreds of thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities.

Hundreds of thousands more border crossers and illegal aliens are released into the U.S. interior with only Notices to Appear (NTA) in federal immigration court at later dates. Federal data has long suggested that a tiny fraction of border crossers and illegal aliens end up having valid asylum claims.

The latest ATD figures show that from October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022, Biden’s DHS gave cellphones to monitor more than 255,000 border crossers and illegal aliens. The phones are meant to be used so the agency can track their locations. The phones cannot be used to search the internet or make other calls.

The cost to American taxpayers is more than $360,000 every day.

For comparison, just 26,000 border crossers and illegal aliens were given the cellphones for monitoring purposes in Fiscal Year 2021 — indicating the Biden administration has increased the use of the program by about 880 percent.

The number of border crossers and illegal aliens released on DHS’s “non-detained docket” now exceeds more than 3.3 million — a foreign population with no immigration status that is roughly seven times the population of Miami, Florida. As the data suggests, less than 10 percent of those border crossers and illegal aliens released into the U.S. interior are monitored by the agency.

Since Biden took office in late January 2021, his DHS has released about 1.35 million border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities — exceeding the populations of eight states.

In total, about 2.2 million border crossers and illegal aliens have arrived in the U.S. since Biden took office, including those who successfully crossed the border, undetected by Border Patrol agents.

Months ago, the Biden administration publicly defended their proposal to begin providing federal identification cards to border crossers and illegal aliens who they plan to release into American communities. The goal of the proposal is to make securing public benefits easier.

  • Patriot says:

    DHS I hope you don’t think the American taxpayers are going to pay for this cause your fking seriously wrong you had no right on our dime! What you did is steal from the people of America that majes you a thief! Let’s Go Brandon!

  • Susan says:

    Those are the most violent of all the invaders…they will become the “punishers” for the DEM party! DEMS will call on any one of them to commit whatever crimes necessary for the moment from punishing people who defy them to committing voter fraud! THIS is one of many reasons why the DEMS wanted to defund the cops!
    THIS is exactly what Maduro did to his people in Venezuela! The cops are no more what is left are MS13 to exact punishment on those who oppose the dictator, and to commit crimes like extortion, theft, rape, trafficking!

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