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Biden Wins Democratic Nomination and Sets the Stage for Trump Rematch

It was never in doubt, but President Biden is officially the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Biden formally clinched his party’s 2024 nomination Tuesday, as Georgia, Mississippi and Washington state held primaries.

With no major challengers remaining, Biden and former President Trump were on course to collect all or nearly all the delegates up for grabs in Tuesday’s contests, putting each of them over the top and making them the presumptive Democratic and Republican presidential nominees.

The president and his predecessor in the White House will formally become the two major party nominees this summer, as the Republicans and the Democrats host their national nominating conventions in July and August, respectively.

Biden had 1,872 delegates as of Tuesday morning. The president, who swept 14 of 15 contests last week on Super Tuesday, needed 1,968 to clinch renomination.

Georgia, where polls closed at 7 p.m., has 108 delegates up for grabs. Thirty-five Democratic delegates are at stake in Mississippi, with another 92 in Washington state.

Trump, who is expected to clinch the GOP nomination later Tuesday evening, had 1,078 delegates at the start of the day. He needs 1,215 to lock up the nomination.

Fifty-nine GOP delegates are up for grabs in Georgia, with 40 at stake in Mississippi and 43 in Washington state. Nineteen more delegates are up for grabs in Hawaii, which holds a Republican presidential caucus later in the evening.

Trump swept 14 of the 15 GOP Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses, which moved him much closer to officially locking up the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. And Trump’s last rival for the nomination, Nikki Haley, dropped out of the race the day after Super Tuesday.

Biden, who served nearly four decades as a senator from Delaware before stepping down to assume the vice presidency for eight years under President Obama, defeated Trump four years ago to win the White House.

The November rematch between Biden and Trump is the first in the race for the White House since 1956, when Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower defeated former Democratic Gov. Adlai Stevenson of Illinois when they faced off for a second time.

  • Dorothy says:

    This is the sickest moment in our American History. This Biden has done everything in his power to hurt the American people and our country, He has done business with our enemies, opened our borders for an invasion and he is still allowed to run. I give up because this country is gone. I do not trust the Democrats, elites and liberals. All too sick to make any decisions. They have to go after Trump with made up nonsense while this man Biden, has done the real damage. Biden has blood on his hands and do not believe he should ever run again. He is just a pipeline for the evil Democrats.



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