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Biden Smashes Head on Marine One Hours After Fall at Air Force Academy graduation

Joe Biden set the political world on fire on Thursday when he took a massive fall while attempting to exit the stage of the USAF commencement.

Following a speech that ranged from incoherent to oddly angry, the president can be seen in multiple videos tripping and going to the ground as Secret Service agents rush to his aide.

It was downright painful to watch, but things reportedly got worse later in the day.

After arriving back in Washington, DC, via Marine One, Biden bumped his head trying to exit the helicopter. That’s per a pool report that went out late Thursday evening.

Journalist Andrew Layden, who mostly covers the local DC beat, shared the email he received. Layden has a long history of credibility and just reporting straight news, so while I must stress I can’t independently verify the email, I can find no reason to distrust him as a source.

I’m not sure what’s more newsworthy. The fact that Biden can’t stop hurting himself or how absolutely shameless that write-up is.

Let’s start with the first part. It is not normal or okay that we have a president so old, a man who will be 82 years old on inauguration day if re-elected, that he can’t help but fall down and hit his head on things multiple times a year. We’ve all been through this in real life with our own elderly relatives. As people age, they tend to suffer various injuries that younger people simply avoid. That’s one of the reasons we shouldn’t have presidents that are 80 years old.

At what point does the White House stop succeeding in covering this stuff up by claiming he’s fine? It’s not surprising at all he hit his head coming out of Marine One given how vicious his fall at the USAF academy was. The claims that he was uninjured are laughable. At the very least, he was likely dazed by the incident and sore afterward.

But perhaps the White House can keep pretending everything is fine into perpetuity as long as they have pool reporters willing to write shameless screeds like that. The description of Biden bumping his head and then walking away from Marine One is downright Soviet. It’s as if the reporter were being paid by the amount of slavish praise he could fit into a few paragraphs.

“But [Biden] otherwise appeared spry, wearing a blue suit with a matching tie and trademark aviators. Smiling, waving, and gingerly approaching the pool,” the pool reporter writes. I can’t figure out if he’s writing for Pravda or Glamour magazine. It’s pathetic, and it’s why there’s zero accountability going on within the White House right now. No one asks questions about Biden’s clear physical and mental decline. Instead, the vast majority of the mainstream press pretends he’s just fine when it’s obvious he’s not just fine. It’s pathetic.

  • Larry K says:

    i only hope this idiot can last out his term ONLY because i dont want that ho bag in there.

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