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Biden Lies That No Troops Have Died Under His Watch

President Joe Biden falsely claimed he is the first president in the past decade not to have Americans die overseas during Thursday’s debate with former President Donald Trump.

Biden failed to mention the thirteen service members who died during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal on August 26, 2021, the first year of his administration.

“When he was president, there were still killing people in Afghanistan, and he didn’t do anything about that,” Biden said.

“When he was president, we still found ourselves in a position where you had a notion that we were the safe country. The truth is, I’m the only president [in] this century, that doesn’t have any — this decade — that doesn’t have any troops dying anywhere in the world.”

Gold star families whose loved one died in the botched withdrawal said they felt abandoned by the president and called on the administration to admit to its mistakes and honor the fallen.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said she had “nothing to share” on how the president planned to commemorate the service members’ deaths during an August 29, 2022 briefing.

Biden reportedly believed “nobody made a mistake” during the withdrawal despite the widespread backlash from the gold star families and his critics, according to a new book released in February.

  • FJB Lets Go Brandon says:


  • SammiJoCole8 says:

    Joe Biden is THE BIGGEST embarrassment this Country has EVER seen! He is ruining OUR wonderful country! I detest this buffoon! We NEED Donald J. Trump back in OUR White House and Joe Biden needs to be in a nursing home or in PRISON! PLEASE fellow Americans Vote Trump 2024!

  • See more says:

    He’s done forgot about our dead service men and women and he doesn’t care. Unlike Trump that cares very deeply.



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