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Biden Is Set to Propose Toughest-Ever Rules on Gas-Powered Cars to Spur EVs

As America grapples with unprecedented inflation, soaring grocery bills and a deadly school shooting that targeted Christians, President Joe Biden and his administration have opted to focus on gas-powered vehicles.

According to a new report from Reuters, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to enact “sweeping cuts in vehicle emissions pollution that will push automakers towards a big increase in electric vehicle sales.”

That big push for electric vehicle sales, naturally, means a big decrease in gas-powered vehicle sales.

“Environmental groups and some automakers think the proposal will result in at least 50 percent of the U.S. vehicle fleet by 2030 being electric or plug-in hybrids,” the report notes.

Per a separate Bloomberg report, these momentous announcements are expected to be made on Wednesday in Detroit.

According to the two reports, it does appear that these sweeping changes stop just short of a full-on ban of gas-powered vehicles.

While these moves are being made with “green” and environmental concerns at heart, the move still appears to be ruffling feathers — even among those who are onboard with green initiatives.

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a trade group that represents nearly all automakers (including heavy-hitters like Ford and Volkswagen) made it clear that the issue wasn’t the move to electric vehicles, the issue was the timing of the move.

“The question isn’t whether it can be done, it’s how fast can it be done,” the alliance told Reuters.

The main concern with the timing of this move, according to the alliance, is that automakers are worried about improving the current fleet of cars — only for those cars to be all but phased out as electric vehicles become more prominent.

“Every dollar invested in internal combustion technology is a dollar not spent on zero carbon technology,” the alliance added.

Bloomberg also notes that automakers have actually been asking Biden for more time to better prepare for a mass shift to electric vehicles, while electric vehicle manufacturers, like Elon Musk’s Tesla, actually want the government to enact even stricter restrictions on gas-powered vehicles.

As it stands, these changes could be sneaking up on Americans far sooner than expected.

Biden’s crackdown on gas-powered vehicles could impact vehicles manufactured for model years 2027 through 2032. That’s just a few years away.

So, what specifically will these crackdowns focus on?

Per Bloomberg, these sweeping changes will focus on governing “tailpipe emissions of carbon dioxide, smog-forming nitrogen oxide and other pollution from vehicles.”

Biden and his administration have long stated their desire to crack down on gas-powered vehicles, but aside from the above stated concerns from automakers, there’s one more rather large group of people that could be concerned: everyday Americans who drive to work.

There are numerous, documented issues with electric vehicles, ranging from the silly to the downright dangerous.

Even attempting to foist these changes on Americans could have an indelibly negative effect on Biden’s chances at re-election in 2024 — should he run again.

  • Charles Miller says:

    Biden is an idiot and needs to be removed from office immediately. Electric cars should be banned in the United States.

  • Taterrr says:

    Maybe we need to focus on Cancelling these People who want to Cancel the working Americans. Dont buy ANY Elec type vehicles. An arent we tired of all this BS they keep tryn to Stuff down our throats. They better let us live as we wanna live or the tables could possibley turn on them alot worse than what they have now. Not just this GREEN Lying BS but all this PEDIFILE CRAP we have to contend with on our social media an TV every single day. DAs that dont have a clue what the laws are that need taken out an DISBARRED. States that try an keep there people quiet an under fear of the STORM Troopers busting in on them because of School programs that are dangerouse for OUR kids. This country in the last 2ys or so has been going to Hell in a hatbox. Its PAST time for a change.

  • C. Wilson says:

    Doesn’t seem to stop him from singing the praises of his beloved antique Corvett. The EV technology is not perfected so I will not be giving up my gasoline vehichle anytime soon.

  • jamie says:

    who does this pedo talking tp 2003 gas ranger not touching it so stfu clownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn



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