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Biden Goes Completely Incoherent at Wisconsin Event

Social media users tore into President Biden on Thursday after he made a series of verbal stumbles during an address at a Wisconsin brewery.

Biden gave his speech at Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, Wisconsin, where he touted his economic record – aka “Bidenomics” – and the success of his bipartisan infrastructure legislation in a bid to shore up support for his 2024 re-election bid.

However, online onlookers were distracted from the economic talking points by an extended gaffe Biden made about the brewery and its beer.

Partway through his remarks, he appeared to mumble, “The beer brewed here, it is used to make the brew beered here.”

While most of the sentence was unintelligible, he seemed to add, “Ooh, Earth Rider, thanks for the Great Lakes. I wonder why…”

He trailed off as the audience’s laughter drowned him out, though it seemed unclear as to what exactly they were laughing at.

X users didn’t get the joke, either. Conservative influencer Collin Rugg posted, “JUST IN: President Biden sounds like he is speaking a different language while giving a speech at the Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, Wisconsin. Don’t worry… The media has assured us that he is sharper than ever!”

He then provided his own translation of the speech, adding:

“’The beer brewed here. It is used to make the brewed beer. During is define, oh, earth Rider. Thanks for the Great Lakes. I wonder why,” Biden said according to my speech transcriber.’ Inspirational!”


The RNC Research account wrote, “Biden is having a VERY tough time reading from his giant teleprompter today.”

The Trump campaign’s X account “Team Trump” commented on Biden’s flub, stating, “COGNITIVELY IMPAIRED JOE BIDEN: ‘By the way, it used to make beer brew here… it is used to make the b—brew beard here… [inaudible].’”

Juanita Broaddrick, the former nursing administrator who accused former President Bill Clinton of raping her, commented on Biden’s remarks, saying, “Joe is unwell.”

The Mark Levin Show producer Rich Sementa described the moment as “Biden’s Best Gibberish Yet.”

Conservative commentator Paul Szypula had a more sober take on the matter, writing, “Every time I see these clips I’m reminded of how I was raised to respect my elders and treat them with dignity. What Democrats are doing by propping Biden up like this when he’s clearly debilitated is not respectful or dignified. It’s shameful and an insult to all elderly.”

Conservative influencer “Catturd” remarked, “WT-actual-F This is getting so bad. What a freaking joke.”

The account for “Opie Radio” asked, “Anyone speak Biden? Something something about beer??”

  • Gary Lingle says:

    So much for modern drugs, They got that bastard pumped full and that is all the better they can do, they will never find a cure for cancer. So old people there isn’t a wonder drug to keep us young or Biden would be on it. We must be the laughing stock of the world.

  • Peggy says:

    He a fucking idiot

  • IWJOEMCGEE says:

    Save America! TRUMP 2024! Kick out the commies!

  • A. Michaels says:

    Brain freeze?? Don’t you need a brain before it can freeze?



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