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Biden Gets Lost Again, Tells Reporter to ‘Shush up’ at G7 Summit

While the country careens toward fiscal disaster, Joe Biden is busy hobnobbing in Japan at the annual G7 conference.

Never has a bigger waste of time existed outside of the World Economic Forum in Davos, but the president felt it necessary to attend instead of staying in town to negotiate a deal on the debt ceiling.

Ask yourself, is watching Biden get lost in public again really worth the time and money being spent to attend this pointless exercise? Has anything of substance come out of the G7 in the last decade?


In the video, all the other world leaders have no problem ascertaining which direction to exit the photo op. Heck, Biden is in the center of the group, so he’s even got the cheat code of being able to simply follow everyone else. Yet, he still somehow manages to get turned around and jam up the line before having to be shown the right way to go.

I mean come on, I know it’s not a big thing in a vacuum, but we don’t live in a vacuum. Biden continually gets lost in public, specifically when trying to exit any kind of stage environment. How does he find that entire process so complicated? What’s the big hang-up for him? That’s a question we all know the answer to, even if the mainstream press is too in the tank to say it.

Speaking of the mainstream press, after Biden figured out where he is, the president later chastised them for asking him questions. During an exchange, he told a reporter to “shush up” and then launched into an incoherent rant defending his strategy regarding the debt ceiling.

Putting aside the verbal fumbles shown in the above clip (that’s always to be expected), one of Biden’s tells, when he’s faced with a question he doesn’t like, is pretending that he’s an expert who’s “been there and done that.” He tells reporters that he’s done this before and that negotiations always go this way, but is that true? Do negotiations always go with one side refusing to negotiate while jet-setting off to Japan while the nation faces economic doom? Somehow, I don’t think that’s the normal script.

The thing is, Biden doesn’t have a real excuse at this point and he and his handlers know it. They had hoped that Republicans would eat themselves alive and not pass a bill to avoid a default. When McCarthy managed to corral his cause and get a well-made plan through, that changed everything. Suddenly, the White House’s top talking point, i.e. that Republicans are responsible if the nation defaults because they haven’t put forth a workable deal, died on the vine.

Regardless, I’ve been assured by the big brains of the press corps that disrespecting a reporter is literally a threat to democracy. It’s an attack on the very foundation of the country. Unless the one doing the disrespecting is a Democrat, of course.

  • Joan Hansen says:

    He is obviously suffering from senile dementia, but his party will not allow him to step aside.

  • Peggy says:

    Fuck joe

  • Philip says:

    Let me say this Old Joe is not the blame for this decay of our great country it the liberal teacher that our teaching our children this “hate ” American way of life. How many of you remember all the president since JFK I do next to Carter he is the worse of all time At less Nixon got us out of Vietman the war that Kenndy/Johnson put us in.Look at all the scandel that have come democraft president mainly the Clinton,Obama,and now the Biden’s so why isn’t the FBI investagating them for their dealing they didn’t waste tax payer on Trump. Let me finish with this in your household budget or company if no don’t have the money pay for it you don’t get it. If you think Biden is bad wait and see what Gavin Nuisance would don’t to the US budget look what he has done to us in Calif.with aunt Nancy help.



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