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Biden Declares State of Emergency in Vermont

President Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency in Vermont after torrential downpours triggered life-threatening flash floods.

The move frees up federal government resources to support the state, which is expecting to see more heavy rain throughout Tuesday.

Roads in some areas are entirely underwater and people have been left trapped in their homes.

Emergency teams have already performed dozens of rescues.

Parts of the north-eastern US, including New York and Vermont, have seen some of the most severe flooding in more than a decade in recent days. Dangerous flash floods are expected to remain a risk until at least Tuesday evening.

“If flooding approaches your home evacuate to higher ground sooner rather than later, your route could be compromised by floodwaters and leave you stranded,” a press release from Vermont emergency officials said.

Rescue teams have come from North Carolina, Michigan and Connecticut to help with the life-saving efforts. Several areas of Vermont are inaccessible, and with further rain forecast the crews are likely to face challenging conditions.

Most of the rescues so far have taken place in the towns of Londonderry, Weston, Bridgewater, Andover, Ludlow and Middlesex.

Vermont’s capital, Montpelier, ordered the downtown area to close until at least midday on Tuesday as a river that runs through the city recedes. “This will allow officials to assess safety risks and begin clean up efforts,” William Fraser, a city official, said.

There were major concerns overnight about three dams in the state that were nearing capacity. Referring to the prospect of one of them overflowing, Mr Fraser earlier said: “This has never happened since the dam was built so there is no precedent for potential damage.”

But on Tuesday, officials eased fears when they said they no longer expected the dams to overflow.

“Water will still be released from the dams, but in smaller amounts than previously anticipated,” a Facebook post from the US Army Corps said. “Many river levels have peaked and are beginning to recede.”

Flood watches remain in effect for parts of Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

The National Weather Service (NWS) said the expected rain would “push north and eventually come to an end through the day Tuesday for New England after multiple days of significant rainfall”.

At a news conference on Monday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul said the storm had sent “cars swirling in our streets”.

She later said the worst of the storm had passed, but added it was “critical to remain vigilant”.

A woman in her 30s died in the state on Sunday after she was swept away while trying to flee her home with her dog.

“She crossed with a pet and lost her footing and unfortunately was washed away down into a ravine,” an official for Orange County, New York told NBC News.

Homes, businesses and roads were significantly damaged in the county.

Many factors contribute to flooding, but a warming atmosphere caused by climate change makes extreme rainfall more likely.

The world has already warmed by about 1.1C since the industrial era began and temperatures will keep rising unless governments around the world make steep cuts to emissions.

  • Ro Gal says:

    Someone tell the editors and owners of Truthpress that their biased opinions and storylines are pure garbage.

  • Patriot says:

    Why doesn’t this information about Obama and Biden surprise me oh wait it’s because of their mutual HATE of America! Criminals both to try and destroy a new President like these two did to Trump so that the biatch could win is beyond comprehension but the sorry fact this biatch didn’t win is because nobody liked her she’s a fking loser like her former boss Obamy and his commie traitor joe Karma has a way of showing up when you least expect it’s corruption and collusion were the name of the game to try and destroy Trump but with this new information about bamy and commie joe things are going to heat up fast and go National five colluded are going to be surprised real fast as for leftist smith and the a-hole liars at the national archives they better be getting themselves mighty powerful lawyers because President Trump can destroy all of them now! And Please Mr President Trump make it hurt real bad for the evil they caused MR President! Obamy and brain dead commie joe are trying to sell out America to the leftist at United Nations and those other losers!

  • Rick says:

    That .00000000000000000000000000000000001 degree increase in the past 200 years is starting to reek some real havoc.

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