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Biden Declares a New Public Health Emergency Just in Time for the Election

The Biden administration is making the move to declare Monkeypox a public health emergency. That’s the word on Thursday as fear over the virus continues to spread, mostly driven by health authorities and media outlets that refuse to tell the truth about the risks.

And sure enough, this is all happening just in time for the November election.

To the leftwing hysteric, declaring Monkeypox a public health emergency seems like common sense. To the rest of us, it’s completely asinine and political. If you go to the CDC’s tracker, there have been a total of just 6,617 cases of the virus in the entire United States as of this writing. That’s a small number, no doubt, but it gets even sillier when you look at deaths. There have been zero deaths from Monkeypox in the United States, with only nine deaths in the entire world despite the virus circulating for months now.

Clearly, Monkeypox, whatever the spread may be or may become in the future, is not deadly on any statistical level. Certainly not in countries that have first-world healthcare services. On what planet does any of that add up to being an emergency worthy of government proclamations?

Then there’s the issue of how the virus spreads. It is no longer debatable that the primary vector of Monkeypox is strange men having sex with other strange men. Call them bathhouses, call them orgies, or call them pride events but that’s where somewhere around 95 percent of cases are coming from.

And what’s been the response? Abject hypocrisy.

The same people who told you to not leave your house and to wear a mask for two years over COVID-19 now want to assert that telling gay men not to go to bathhouses is just not workable. Is it any wonder no one trusts the public health establishment?

So why is all this happening? Part of it is the Biden administration not wanting to be accused of taking action by its far-left base of doubled-masked, quadruple-vaxxed hypochondriacs. The other part of it is November’s elections. What better way to justify once again crushing election day turnout, which heavily favors Republicans, than to scaremonger about Monkeypox being easily transmitted? And that assumes some states don’t try to change their election laws again, which is a real possibility. Are you ready for more drive-thru voting?

This entire thing is absurd. Monkeypox is essentially a sexually-transmitted disease based on the data we have, even if it’s not technically one. You don’t declare a national emergency over a virus that has killed no one after months and that largely spreads through a single act. If they could close churches for COVID, they can close the bathhouses for a few weeks. That they won’t do so shows just how hypocritical and useless our health “experts” are.

  • Patriot says:

    Do not declare a health emergency this is a gay disease stop your leftist lying get a vaccine for the gay community and let them know stop the sex till a vaccine becomes available just like they did with AIDS do the science stop your idiocy this is not a death sentence grow a pair obiden you and the fake media are phonies we all know your trick and we ain’t buying it back off your just making it worse for your dumbofks in Nov 2022 they will not survive this election with your phony fear mongering we did listen to your leftist Covid And we beat that despite you even with your illegal mandates you lost that one to you never got rid of it because you got it anyway that’s your karma just like 6 of the original sins those 6 Strike of lighting in a row in front of the WH were a warning to you God is Not happy with what your doing, he who sins against God will lose! Let’s Go Brandon!

  • Lawrence Tate says:

    I wrote this two years ago in July 2020.

    “There will ALWAYS be a new virus!

    Now that the genie is out of the bottle, the WHO, CDC, Democrats, and the media will ensure that this never ends. The insane amount of power handed over will never be relinquished.

    This drama will never end, and the human race will never be able to counter it because the roll-over precedent has already been set.”

  • Sue says:

    The only national emergency this country has his that creep in our White House and the idiot Demtards that support this shit. It’s called Donkeypox!



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