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Biden Campaign Tests ‘Broke Don’ Nickname — As Trump Net Worth Jumps by $3.5 Billion

The Biden campaign couldn’t have picked a worse time to copy Donald Trump’s name-calling strategy.

In an effort to highlight Trump’s lagging fundraising figures in the 2024 race, as well as a $454 million judgement in his NY civil fraud case, the Biden team has dubbed the former president “Broke Don”.

On Wednesday, public election filings showed that Trump’s 2024 campaign brought in $10.9 million last month, while his joint fundraising committee raised nearly $11 million, bringing total cash on hand to around $42 million.

Biden’s campaign, meanwhile, raised around $53 million in February, giving him $155 million in cash on hand entering this month.

Except, Trump’s worth just jumped by roughly $3.5 billion after shareholders in Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) on Friday approved a merger with Trump’s media startup, Truth Social.

What’s more, Trump said on Friday via Truth Social that “through hard work, talent, and luck, I currently have almost five hundred million dollars in cash,” which would give him enough cash to post bond in his NY civil case in order to appeal the decision.

Absolute fail

And while Americans are getting absolutely crushed under an enormous debt load, Biden mocked them while making a joke at Trump’s expense.

During a fundraiser last week, Biden told crowds that “a defeated man” came up to him and said, “I’m being crushed by debt.”

“I had to say, ‘I’m sorry Donald, I can’t help you,” Biden joked.

Even Democratic strategists are cringing at the “Broke Don” strategy.

“The Biden team’s instinct to earn free media, try to get under his skin, and go on offense is the right one. But mimicking Trump has been done before and has never really worked,” one anonymous strategist told The Hill.

“You can’t out-Trump Trump because he’s the original version. I would say they need to be more creative in producing their own original and unique strategy to bring him down a peg that shocks and awes,” the strategist added.

  • Rocky Venti says:

    biden is one of the few who can say, about his administration, “I have 89 assholes!!”

  • Tacitus Kilgore says:

    The only shock and awe Americans are experiencing is due to this illegally installed Marxist Cabal run by Obama.
    We the people will win in the end, just watch.

  • Jaynie-O says:

    FJB the neighbor from hell: I couldn’t agree with you more when you say Biden is the most evil & corrupt man to ever disgrace the Office of President. Obama was just like him, but he was too timid and lacked the nerve to carry out what Joe has allowed. I haven’t followed his disgusting life for 50 years, as you have, but based on what I HAVE observed I don’t doubt what you’ve said. Going back to the character-destroying rhetoric he used about the unfortunate truck driver who was involved in the horrible car crash that caused the death of his wife and daughter, he was going for the “sympathy vote” by saying the truck driver was drunk. After a full investigation by the Delaware police, he knew that was not a true story. But he said it far & wide nevertheless. The driver’s family went to talk with him and pleaded with him to not continue to spread that lie about their father, who had since passed away. He could no longer defend his reputation for himself. Biden agreed. However, he did NOT stop! He used that terrible tragedy to further his career, and it probably helped him win his reelection. I think that example shows how the pattern of unrelenting lying began very early in his life.

    While he was in Congress, he maneuvered himself into a place with the most racially intolerant people who made no secret of their feelings. He spoke many times about how proud he was to call Sen. Robert C. Byrd, a former Exalted Cyclops in the KKK, his mentor. The two were so close, that the Byrd family asked him to eulogize Sen. Byrd at his funeral. I wish I could understand why Black people continue to vote for Democrats who don’t care about them, in the least, except when it is time to get their votes.

    I still can’t forget the way he talked to and treated Justice Clarence Thomas during his approval hearing. The Dems were pulling their dirty tricks then, just like they did for Justice Kavanaugh years later. But the lack of respect he showed Justice Thomas was stunning, and one particularly long rant was so convoluted and rambling that it was close to being unintelligible. However, after finally finishing his “profound” thoughts and allowing Justice Thomas an opportunity to speak, it was obvious he was quite pleased and proud of himself for his brilliant insights.

    The last example I will mention has to do with Tara Reade, who was assaulted by him during the time she was working in his Senate office as an intern. She certainly didn’t wait 30 years to tell anyone about what happened (unlike someone else in a N.Y. Dept. store who could be named), but out of respect for the office he held and not wanting to besmirch the institution, she naively talked about what had happened to her, but did not name him as the person responsible. Out of fear for her life, she sought asylum in Russia. It is not difficult to believe she is being truthful when we have
    witnessed him, on camera, man-handling and molesting young women and even little girls.

    This has turned into a much longer comment than I had first intended, but if you know of other examples of his egregious behavior I hope you could let us know what they are. I am so tired of the MSM covering up for him, and the truth needs to become common knowledge.

    As far as his stale excuse for a joke about “broke Don;” How Pathetic! Pres. Trump is far from broke, and he didn’t have to achieve his wealth by SELLING OUT his country to America’s most zealous enemies. No Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian, or any other foreign oligarch has handed over millions of dollars to phony LLCs to line the pockets of “Don.” He earned his wealth. Biden has fed off the tax-payer trough for close to 50 years, and even though his salary has not been chicken feed it is hard to reconcile his multi-millionaire lifestyle with his actual Senatorial salary. That’s why we currently have more than 10 million illegals inside our borders who have practically had the red carpet rolled out for them, a spy balloon allowed to fly over our entire country including our most sensitive military installations, under-the-table gas and oil deals taking place, near total depletion of our Strategic Oil Reserves through a sale to China, the sale of food production facilities to foreign enemies, the sale of prime farmland, and untold other nefarious deals that Joe has allowed to occur. Who could have believed this much devastation could be brought down on our Republic in just over 38 months?

  • Bob says:

    UPOS! Useless piece of shit!! Trump 2024 and beyond!!



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