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Biden Camp Caught Red-Handed Spreading a Blatant ‘Cheap-Fake’

The Biden campaign is at it again, doing exactly what they have accused Trump supporters of doing, creating so called ‘cheap fakes’.

Following this weekend’s massive Trump rally in Philadelphia, which saw an arena full of MAGA supporters and Trump being mobbed by adoring fans everywhere he went, the Biden campaign pathetically attempted to concoct something to disrupt the narrative.

As we highlighted, Trump took a pop at Biden, who is holed up at Camp David practicing standing up. Trump packed the arena in Philly on Saturday.

But Biden’s meme team wanted to highlight the empty seats in the back corner and compare it to when Biden appeared in the same arena.

It worked and Biden’s soy army began running with it:

However, it soon became apparent that all of this was completely fake, again.

It wasn’t a Biden rally. It was an Obama-headlined rally for John Fetterman from 2022, and it they only used half the arena.

And here’s what happened Trump vs Biden in Philly after their respective rallies:

  • Trump 2024 says:

    Noticed: Build A Better America = BABA (baba = bottle) Biden needs a baba… lol



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