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Biden Appears to Have Made a Decision About 2024 Election After Heart-to-Heart with Hunter

The New York Times is reporting that President Biden intends to stay in the presidential race after discussing his political future with his family at Camp David on Sunday.

Biden huddled with his wife, children and grandchildren at Camp David on Sunday as he attempted to plot a course of action after a catastrophic debate performance on Thursday evening. “While his relatives are acutely aware of how poorly he did against former President Donald J. Trump, they argued that he could still show the country that he is capable of serving for another four years,” the New York Times reported.

The president is also reportedly soliciting ideas from advisors about how to proceed, while his staff has been suggesting whether he should sit for interviews or hold a press conference in order to shift the narrative.

In response to reports that Democrat donors, strategists and elected officials have been discussing the possibility of replacing Biden, the president’s aides have been “burning phone lines over the weekend” to prevent key allies from abandoning him.

One of the strongest voices urging President Biden to stay in the race was his son Hunter Biden, a source familiar with the meeting said. “Hunter Biden wants Americans to see the version of his father that he knows — scrappy and in command of the facts — rather than the stumbling, aging president Americans saw on Thursday night,” the New York Times reported.

Other family members also attempted to encourage the president and offered ways in which they could be helpful. At least one of Biden’s grandchildren has expressed interest in getting more involved with the campaign by talking with social media influencers.

The issue of President Biden continuing his campaign has ignited a feud within the Democrat Party. John Morgan, a top Democratic donor, publicly blamed a number of the president’s advisers for Thursday nights performance. Morgan named Ron Klain, Anita Dunn and Bob Bauer.

“Biden has for too long been fooled by the value of Anita Dunn and her husband,” Mr. Morgan wrote in an X post. “They need to go … TODAY. The grifting is gross. It was political malpractice.”

Morgan reiterated his point in a follow-up interview. “It would be like if you took a prizefighter who was going to have a title fight and put him in a sauna for 15 hours then said, ‘Go fight,’” he said. “I believe that the debate is solely on Ron Klain, Bob Bauer and Anita Dunn.”

Members of Biden’s family are also reportedly blaming Biden’s advisers, including Dunn, and her husband Bob Bauer, who played the role of former President Trump in debate rehearsals.

President Biden himself does not appear to be blaming Klein, Bauer and Dunn for the performance, however, as the source told the New York Times that the president is maintaining confidence in them. One member of Biden’s inner-circle stated that “no one was happy with how the debate turned out and that it was human nature to look for someone to blame.”

Klain did not comment on the discussion surrounding debate preparations, though he did express confidence that Biden will be staying in the race. “He is the choice of the Democratic voters,” Klain told the New York Times. “We are seeing record levels of support from grass-roots donors. We had a bad debate night. But you win campaigns by fighting — not quitting — in the face of adversity.”

  • Jack Tripper says:

    So the bumbling, nitwit buffoon asks his drug addicted son if he should stay in the race? Yeah, Hunter is thinking, man I need the China trade money and the pardon, so yeah dad, stay in for me. Jill Biden is the most disgusting self centered narcissistic selfish POS in America. The entire family is no good.

  • Dorothy says:

    How sick is this all? Biden should not have to make a decision, he is not capable. How does this country allow this man to run again after all he has done to take our country down. Let a Dementia patient run again and with all his crimes against humanity. We all know that he is not running our country but the deep State idiots are. It does not make any sense. You can not make a realistic decision when the man is fumbling around. Tell Jill she can go to hell with her first Lady privileges. Our country is hanging by a thread because of all of them. Do not let history repeat itself. These Democrats and elitists are party of the Deep State.

  • Betty Smart! says:

    At what point does Jill,/,joe/hunter et al propose to consider the welfare of America and Americans? If this decision doesn’t reflect bad, selfish, self-serving, egotistical judgement, then nothing does. God made joe blow the debate in answer to millions of prayers. What is it with these dumbass bidens?! They don’t see his stupidity as a slap from God??

  • DevilDawgPryde says:

    One thing about the Bidens which needs a lot more conversation, especially from our elected officials on Capitol Hill, journalists, satirists, comedians and just about everyone else. The relationship between Hunter Biden and certain Chinese individuals, as well as the discovery of classified documents at Joe Biden’s residence and the Penn Biden Center, which have raised many questions. Questions the Media isn’t asking, and appear deaf, dumb, blind or intentionally oblivious.
    These incidents involve complex issues of national security and political ethics. The involvement of Ye Jianming and Patrick Ho Chi Ping with Hunter Biden, and the payments made to him, have been scrutinized for potential conflicts of interest and national security implications. Additionally, the existence of a 40+ member FBI task force, as mentioned by Senator Chuck Grassley, and the numerous FD-1023 reports filed on Hunter Biden, suggest ongoing investigations into these matters. However, the outcomes of these investigations and the details within the reports remain a subject of public and legal inquiry.
    What about Hunters’ relationships with those Chinese Spies Ye Jain Ming (Chairman Xi’s protege’) and Patrick Ho Chi Ping (Spy Chief of China according to Hunter) and those files found in Joe Bidens House and office at the Penn/Biden center? Was Hunter selling secrets to the Chinese? Paid millions unexplainably. They paid for his drug habit while he sold US down the Yangtze to Chairman Xi of the CCP. Looks that way to me and it looks like treason and espionage, but what do I know.
    Disabled US Marine Combat Veteran who has held a sec. clearance. I read a lot and so asking questions. Enquiring minds wanna know. I wanna know. Why was Hunter paid so much money by Chinese spies? Obnoxiously OBVIOUS what had been happening and Presidential immunity does not extend to anything prior to serving in the Oval Office. Such as selling top secret documents to the Chinese.

  • A. Michaels says:

    Nothing like a good ‘heart to heart’ with your crack head, degenerate offspring when HE is the one giving advice. Could this family of a-holes be any more dysfunctional?



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