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‘BI-DONE!’ — Plane Trolls Biden’s ‘Joyless’ Dud of a Hamptons Mega-Donor Event

In the wake of his historically disastrous presidential debate performance, President Biden set out to ease the worries of Democratic mega-donors gathered at a sprawling Hamptons oceanfront estate on Saturday afternoon.

However, a powerful, competing message was in the air — literally — as an airplane flew by the event toting a sign with a message that concisely proclaimed that Biden’s 2024 re-election bid is already over: “BI-DONE!” According to the New York Post’s sources, the next-level aerial trolling was the work of an unnamed New York Republican donor.

The aerial rhetorical assault proved unnecessary — as donors who attended the event told the Wall Street Journal it was a “joyless” affair, and said Biden’s appearance only served to solidify their deep worries about his fitness. The event was tightly orchestrated, and Biden did his speaking with the aid of a teleprompter, reminding attendees of his inability to manage unscripted dialogue — even with a friendly audience.

The event was hosted by hedge fund billionaire Barry Rosenstein on his 18-acre beachfront property in East Hampton, NY. Rosenstein and his wife Lizanne set a then-US record for a home purchase price when they paid $137 million for the place in 2014. Attendees reportedly included celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and Howard Stern, along with Michael J. Fox and his wife Tracy Pollan, all of whom paid upwards of $250,000 to see Biden’s hollowing husk in person. Loews Hotels CEO Jonathan Tisch attended too.

Ahead of the event, anonymous mega-donors shaken by Biden’s Thursday-night disaster confided to the Post that they were gritting their teeth and following through on their planned attendance — which they’d already paid for.

“We have no choice but to believe Biden will redeem himself. The alternative is so unthinkable,” said one of them. “I’m going and everyone I know is still going.”

Another longtime Democratic funder, who’d opted against attending, said the mood among the people who write the big checks is dark: “Everyone going [to the fundraiser] is extremely disappointed. Everyone paid in advance… so it could be an opportunity to encourage him to drop out.” The same donor pointed a finger of blame at Jill Biden: “Lots of people are blaming his wife … for not telling him [to step aside].”

Donors who spoke to the Journal said they’re waiting for the incoming round of post-debate polling results, anticipating that cratering support would greatly ease the challenge of ejecting Biden, who would be 86 years old if he defied all odds and managed to serve out a second term.

Meanwhile, as the editorial boards of major newspapers like the New York Times and Atlanta Journal-Constitution have begun urging Biden to quit the race, Democrats of a lesser station aren’t waiting for new polls before doing some urging of their own.

These demonstrators, positioned alongside Biden’s motorcade route to Saturday’s Hamptons fundraiser, tried some gentle-but-firm messaging:

  • Kat says:

    I love the “step down for democracy” sign, gentle urging, from ignorant DemonRat voters, if the stupidity wasn’t so strong in that party, he would have never been allowed to step foot in the WH, let alone destroy the greatest country in the world. The fact that we are a Constatutional Republic seems to just be ignored by these rabid liberal idiots. The party seems to have no problem with the ignorance of their followers, I guess it works to their advantage, because if they bothered to educated themselves, they would realize that the Democratic Party of JFK, died along time ago, and the DemonRat party they belong to, is the enemy of this country, even of any democracy in the world, because they represent socialism, marxism, communism, and everything that is contrary to our Republic, and the Constitution she represents.

  • Hog Jockey says:

    Its gatherings like this that verify the democrat partys’ distinct lack of concern for our country. They know Biden is not capable, but they want him in there to do their dirty work of, as they put it, “fundamentally transforming” our country! Turning it into a socialist utopia is what they mean!



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