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Benjamin Netanyahu Is Hospitalized for Surgery

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s doctors discovered a hernia during a routine check-up on Saturday night, the Prime Minister’s Office said on Sunday.

In consultation with his doctors, it was decided on Sunday that Netanyahu would arrive at a hospital for hernia surgery at the end of the day’s Knesset agenda.

The operation will be performed under complete anesthesia, meaning that Yariv Levin, the Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister, will temporarily fill the prime minister’s position.

Earlier this month, the prime minister missed several days of work after contracting the flu, his office said.

A medical report released in January said Netanyahu was in a “completely normal state of health,” that his pacemaker was working correctly and that there was no evidence of heart arrhythmia or any other problematic conditions.

A petition was submitted to the High Court of Justice earlier this month calling for Netanyahu to be compelled to share a detailed health report, claiming that he has not followed protocols requiring him to reveal his physical and mental health for years.

Despite protocols requiring prime ministers to release an annual health report, Netanyahu did not release one between 2016 and late 2023. He could not be legally forced to share his health information as these protocols have not been enshrined in law.

Netanyahu entered the hospital last summer due to losing consciousness and hitting his head at his home in Caesarea.

He was taken to Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, where he underwent several tests, and nothing unusual was found.

He was released from the hospital with a Holter monitor, a type of cardiac monitor.

The incident was likely caused by dehydration, according to a press statement made afterward.

However, the next week, Netanyahu underwent surgery to install a pacemaker after the monitor detected irregularities in his heartbeat.

  • Badger says:

    Stay safe and healthy Bibi, Israel needs to keep their strong and wise leader. You don’t need a bimbo like Biden taking over. Prayers for you.

  • My prayers are with Bibi for a full and speedy recovery.

  • John sweet says:

    This reminds me of the reluctance to attack Japan after Pearl Harbors attack, but once we got involved the Japanese soon learned what the results were for their act of war! Now Hamas and the Palestinians will learn what War is and the responsibility for the results belong to those that started it, not those that finished it!

    God bless Israel and Netanyahu!

  • vickie says:


  • DDearborn says:


    What does a cowardly butcher of innocent women and children do when the UN and by extension the overwhelming majority of the world rule you are guilty of genocide which has the force of international law ( a real life modern day holocaust) and therefore by extension, he too will soon be charged as well? Easy, fake illness and pretend to be in the Hospital.

    Lucky for him he isn’t in a Palestinian Hospital because if it was still standing because his military would have bombed it into rubble ASAP and he would likely already be dead… Clearly the morons in his Propaganda brigade failed to grasp the horrible irony in this…



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