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Beer Can Featuring Trump’s Mugshot Shatters Company Record in Just 12 Hours

Ultra Right, the beer brand that launched as a “woke-free” Bud Light beer alternative, raked in half a million dollars in just 12 hours after it released a special edition can that featured the historic mugshot of former President Trump.

The first ever mugshot of a former president was taken of Trump in August after he was indicted in Georgia on 13 charges related to alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in the state.

Seth Weathers, CEO of Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer, responded shortly after Trump’s mugshot went viral by launching a limited-edition collector’s can in opposition to the charges made against the former president, who is seeking re-election in 2024. The can will no longer be sold after Oct. 1.

Weathers told FOX Business that the beer sales were equivalent to over five tractor loads of cans, in what the businessman described as “the most sought-after collector beer can in American history.”

“We knew people would go wild over these collector cans, but we had no idea the response would be this crazy,” said Weathers in a press released shared first with FOX Business.

He went on to predict the sales will likely top $2M by 11:59PM Sunday when the special edition can officially goes off the market.

Ten percent of sales from the Trump-themed beer will be donated to the legal defense of the Georgia Republican Party and the David Shafer Legal Defense Fund.

“Sales have poured in from the moment we launched,” Weathers added.

“With over $1 million in beer and merchandise sales, we’ve raised over $50,000 for the legal defense of the Georgia Trump electors and the Georgia Republican Party. Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer puts our money where our mouth is – we’re doing our part to fight back against the unjust persecution of American patriots.”

Since its launch in April following the boycott of Bud Light over their campaign with a transgender influencer, Ultra Right continues to grow in popularity among beer drinkers – surpassing a million dollars in sales within the first two weeks on the market.

  • See more says:

    Wow!!! What a great idea, just wish I could have got one but their all sold out. Lucky people that got one. I only have MAGA hat and tee shirt and a Christmas card he sent when he was running in 2016. I am going to get Trump sign to go in yard.

  • FedUp says:

    Lol! I don’t even drink beer but I bought a 6 pack!

  • Grace says:

    Where can I buy this?



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