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Barstool Sports’ PFT Commenter Details Electric Vehicle Trip Disaster

A popular sports commentator revealed that an experience he had late this week with his electric car is making him reconsider driving the vehicle in the future.

PFT Commenter of the popular “Pardon My Take” podcast said on Friday that the nightmare story happened while he was driving to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine.

“I tried to save the environment and I ended up f***ing myself,” he said. “I have an electric car, very lib of me … I took it for the first road trip this week, I drove to Indy, and upon leaving it gives you like a calculation of how far you have left in your battery life to get to Indianapolis. So I charged it overnight, got it up to 100%. I left in the morning, it told me I would have about 15% battery left when I arrived in Indianapolis. And then there’s a charging station right here at Lucas Oil. So I was just going to hit that up and then drive back.”

“So as I start my drive, I’d say about 30 minutes into my drive, I looked down at the estimated battery remaining calculator that we have and it says now 12%,” he continued. “And then slowly but surely, every single mile that I drive, that percentage starts to dip, dip, dip, until now I’m down at like 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%. So I text the group I’m like, ‘Hey, developing situation here. My car might not make it to Indianapolis and I might need to get a ride from somebody else to take me the last leg.’ So I go on my way and it gets down now to zero so I’m like okay, I’m screwed. I gotta find a charging station.”

He said that once the battery dipped down to 15% that he turned the volume on the radio down because he was concerned that it was draining the battery.

“So I had to find a charging station on the way which added about — I thought it was going to take about 15 — it added about 30 minutes to my trip,” he continued, adding that he was late getting to the event.

“I tried to save the environment, now I’m going full Taylor Swift mode, use as much energy as possible,” he added. “I’m going to fly places, I will fly a private jet from Chicago to Indianapolis instead of driving my earth saving electric cars. So that’s what I get for trying to save the environment for our children and our children’s children. F*** those kids, yeah because I’m going to be driving diesel now.”


  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    Somebody needs to show Dumbo here, how many children die each year in the cobalt mines because they don’t have any safety gear while working in those toxic strip mines.

    The guy is seriously deluded.

  • One says:

    Holy crap! I’ve seen you several times on several shows. You’re not a stupid man. I can’t believe you bought an EV?!! You found out what everyone else knows. ALL the ignorant, idiot global elites who shove that ‘save the environment’ crap down our throats every fucking day mean intend their mantra only for us to comply with. They still fly their private jets, ride in their huge limo’s, etc. The whole religion is nothing but a big SCAM. They couldn’t care less about the environment. They just want our money – and us GONE!



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