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Baggage Handler Issues Warning to Passengers Who Tie Ribbons to Their Suitcases

Avid travelers tend to opt out of checked bags to avoid delayed baggage arrival, difficulty picking out their items or fear of their bag not reaching their destination.

But for those who have no choice, they’ll add a personal marker on the suitcase in anticipation of making their baggage pickup smoother.

However, this age-old luggage hack is delaying your bags from arriving on the baggage carousel.

Travelers have developed a habit of attaching a colorful ribbon, luggage tag or other accessories to make their suitcases stand apart from the hundreds of bags in the rotation.

Dublin Airport baggage handler John revealed that baggage attachments delay passengers’ suitcase arrival.

“Ribbons that people tie onto their suitcases to help identify them can cause issues with the bag being scanned in the baggage hall,” he told RSVP Live.

While this added accessory makes it easier to spot, it attracts negative attention from airport luggage scanners.

“If the bag can’t be scanned automatically, it can end up in manual processing, which could mean your bag doesn’t make it to the flight,” the bag handler explained.

Sending your suitcase off without identifiers, such as ribbons and old travel stickers, gives it a better chance of arriving easily.

“Take old stickers off the bag, it can cause confusion with the scanning process,” he suggested.

Another reason many people have their bags pulled is because they have marzipan, also known as almond candy dough, packed inside their suitcases.

“Don’t ever pack marzipan in your luggage. It has the same density as some explosives, so your bag will be removed and you’ll be called from the plane for a bag search,” the Dublin baggage expert said.

One of the last things you should do before bag dropoff is to put your suitcase wheels up to avoid damage.

According to the Department of Transportation, airlines are responsible for repairing or reimbursing passengers for damaged baggage.

But while there is a solution, waiting for it to be resolved will only prevent you from leaving the airport and enjoying your trip.

The Dublin Airport baggage handler’s preventive measures should help alleviate travel stresses for passengers worldwide.

  • Joe says:

    What a bunch of crap !!! For decades I’ve been seeing the handlers heaving luggage with no regards to what could be damaged… either inside the luggage or the luggage itself…….and now someone is warning us to make sure the wheels are up. I understand speed is essential,, but luggage shouldn’t be thrown around. AND !!!,, most “checked” baggage have 2 places on which handles are placed,, one on the opposite side of where the wheels will be and the other handle on what would be considered the side of the luggage……. So,,, the airline information tag could or should be placed on the handle that the traveler has NOT placed their colorful ribbon, etc,, on.



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