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AT&T to Issue Credit to Customers Impacted by Network Outage

AT&T says it is issuing a $5 credit to “potentially impacted” customers following Thursday’s nearly 12-hour network outage.

“We’re crediting them for the average cost of a full day of service,” the cell phone network said Saturday.

The credits will automatically be applied to customers’ accounts.

AT&T apologized for the outage and said it understands how it impacted everything from small business operations to the ability to connect with family and friends.

“We’re also taking steps to prevent this from happening again in the future. Our priority is to continuously improve and be sure our customers stay connected,” the network also said.

Customers with AT&T Business, AT&T Prepaid or Cricket Wireless, the latter of which AT&T acquired in 2014, will not receive the credit.

The outage impacted about three-quarters of AT&T customers starting Thursday morning, the company said Sunday in a separate letter to employees.

“Our initial review of the cause of Thursday’s outage indicates it was due to the application and execution of an incorrect process used while working to expand our network,” the network also said.

  • Dave M. says:

    Why not cover business. And prepaid customers too. Sounds like discrimination to me and unfair business practices. We should boycott AT&T FOR THIS STUPID IDEA. my opinion

  • Kermit Pochodzay says:

    Cricket customers were affected by the outage. I know, for my wife, my son and I had no service – so why are we not entitled to the same credit?

  • MBeached says:

    This should also include Dish Networks Boost Infinite Customers. I live in SC and we were out for over 6 hours.

  • LB says:

    Yep five dollars per account. It should be five dollars per line so if I have three lines it’s $15. This is BS.

  • Okie Woman says:

    I wont hold my breath waiting on the credit!



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