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Ashli Babbitt’s Mother Arrested After Striking Antifa Protestor

Micki Witthoeft, the mother of slain Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbitt, was arrested on Tuesday evening after striking an Antifa protester outside of the Washington, D.C. jail where many of the January 6 defendants are detained.

Witthoeft was hosting a vigil for the political prisoners outside of the DC jail when she was apprehended by Metropolitan Police officers at approximately 6:45 pm.

Police are seen handcuffing Witthoeft and seating her in the back of a paddy wagon, in footage recorded by Helena Gibson, a January 6 advocate from Florida in attendance of the vigil.


On Memorial Day, supporters of January 6 defendants held a Memorial Day march from the Capitol to the DC Jail for Babbitt.

An Antifa protester harassed  Witthoeft as she and a small group of demonstrators carried American flags and walked toward the jail.

“Ashli Babbitt!” chanted the crowd.

The Antifa protester, who went by the name Anarchy Princess , yelled, “Fuck Ashli Babbitt!” throughout the march in response.

Documentarian Ford Fischer reported that the Antifa-supporter used a megaphone to shout, “Terrorists coming through your neighborhood! Ashli Babbitt’s mom, domestic terrorist! Nazis incoming! Insurrectionist losers!” as the group made its way to the jail.

At some point, Witthoeft can be seen on camera pushing the counter-protestor, grabbing her megaphone, and throwing it to the ground.

“My daughter served this country for their freedom to be idiots, so you’re welcome,” Babbitt’s mother told Fischer.

When they arrived at the jail where many Jan. 6 defendants remain locked up, Anarchy Princess gave the middle finger, which Witthoeft swiped away. Babbitt’s mother then shoved Anarchy Princess, who threatened to press charges.

  • Cyn says:

    The “anarchy princess” needs to have her ass fried!

  • Gloria j Hudgins says:

    My husband & I have joined Momma Miki at the vigil in DC. On the our third time there . WE were treated to AP & DOA !!! LET’S PUT IT THIS WAY A STEAMING PILE OF DOG SHIT HAS MORE BRAINS !!!!!!!!! & BETTER LOOKS THAN AP & SMELL THAN DOA !!!!!!!!!! STAY STRONG MOMMA MIKI WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!! Dan & Jean

  • Michael says:

    If you are not left you will be arrested and charged for anything they can think of or make up . If you are left nothing you do will ever be held against you .

  • R M says:

    “Nazi Antifa Assholes”….I can think of a 6 character word beginning with the letter N which more concisely describes these products of the jungle.

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