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Ashli Babbitt’s Killer, Capitol Cop Michael Byrd, Gets Rewarded with Promotion

The Capitol Police lieutenant who shot Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt to death during the Capitol incursion will be promoted to captain, according to a new report.

Michael Byrd’s promotion was revealed by Roll Call, which said an internal document it reviewed showed Byrd is among 30 Capitol Police employees being promoted on Sunday.

A representative of the department said it does not discuss personnel matters.

“The promotional process is competitive and equitable,” the representative said, adding that promotions “were well earned across the Department to include multiple Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants.”

While Byrd was officially cleared of wrongdoing in Babbitt’s death, a use-of-force expert has condemned his actions.

In a documentary created by The Epoch Times, expert Stan Kephart said Babbitt should not have been killed.

“My conclusion … based on what I saw and observed in the video clips is that Ashli Babbitt was murdered,” said Kephart, who served 42 years in law enforcement and was director of security for the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics.

“She was shot and killed under color of authority by an officer who violated not only the law but his oath and committed an arrestable offense,” Kephart said.

Last year, former President Donald Trump spoke about the incident in a call with demonstrators protesting the treatment of Jan. 6 prisoners.

“We love Ashli, and it was so horrible what happened to her. That man [who] shot Ashli is a disgrace and then he goes on television and it looks like he was actually bragging about it,” Trump said.

Byrd defended his actions last year in an interview with NBC News.

Byrd said that at the moment he killed Babbitt, “she was posing a threat to the United States House of Representatives.”

“I know that day I saved countless lives,” Byrd said. “I know members of Congress, as well as my fellow officers and staff, were in jeopardy and in serious danger. And that’s my job.”

However, documents obtained by Judicial Watch from the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police regarding Babbitt’s death showed Babbitt was not holding a weapon at the time of the shooting.

“These previously secret records show there was no good reason to shoot and kill Ashli Babbitt,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said.

  • Dorothy says:

    This is how the Democrats operate, promote killing and you get ahead. How about Ashli, what was going on. So tired of this reverse racism.

  • Joseph Hubbard says:

    I watched the video when he murdered her point blank. It shocked the officers standing right behind her smiling face and they raised their weapons at the murderer wondering why in the world did he just execute her. He should be thrown in jail immediately for life.

  • Michael says:

    The other police both in front of her and behind her did not see her as a threat and did not even draw their weapons much less fire them . But somehow this officer found an unarmed woman using her body to keep others from coming through the broken window such a threat he killed her he must be so proud that all it took for him to get promoted was to murder a citizen in the name of his fake fear for his life and others .the others that had no such fear . But it’s not like it’s uncommon in government agencies . The fbi and others have done it many times . Like when an fbi sniper murdered a woman standing in a doorway holding her baby or when they shot a 13 year old boys dog and then shot and killed the 13 year old boy he too was promoted . In order for them to put their false narrative on the mini riot some one had to die and they made sure someone did . In my opinion based on real accounts and facts not made by officers covering their own bottoms . This officer murdered that woman

  • Michael says:

    His promotion was his reward for the story he told as well as for his action. And now he has as much dirt on them as they have on him . So now he owns them as much as they own him . And they will do what ever it takes to cover for each other no matter what it takes . Because if one goes down they all go down or there will be an accident or death so the silence is assured .



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