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Arizona Dad Dies After Being Pinned Under Car For Hours as Bystanders Robbed Him Instead of Helping

A Phoenix father died in a freak accident after getting trapped under his car on Monday.

Rather than helping the trapped man, bystanders robbed him.

Jeronimo Garcia Guerra was driving his wife to work on Monday when their car broke down. After getting picked up, Guerra drove his daughter’s car back to the broken-down car and attempted to make some repairs when the jack holding up the vehicle collapsed.

Guerra was pinned under the vehicle for hours before police arrived. Witnesses robbed Guerra as he was trapped.

“After everything, they went through my dad’s pockets and my mom’s car and they saw them leave with my car,” the victim’s daughter Monica Garcia told AZ Family.

“It’s hard because I would never do that to somebody. I could care less about my car but at least they could have stayed there with him until help came,” Monica Garcia told the outlet. “At least I would’ve known he wasn’t by himself all day until somebody decided to say oh my god he’s not moving.”

Police have not made any arrests yet.

AZ Family reported:

A Phoenix family is mourning the loss of their dad, who died in a freak accident Monday after he was pinned under his car when it fell on top of him.

Instead of helping, police say some people who saw what happened stole from him and took off.

Jeronimo Garcia Guerra was driving his wife to work Monday morning when her car broke down in a parking lot near 23rd Avenue and Thomas Road.

After they were picked up, he drove his daughter’s car back to make repairs to the broken-down car.

“He brought a certain sense of comfort,” said Jerry Garcia Jr., who now only has memories of his father.

Police believe the jack holding the car up collapsed, causing the car to crash down on top of him.

More on this tragic story by CBS 5:

  • Dorothy says:

    This is about the sickest story yet. How can people be so cruel. I do not understand. I hope they receive their karma for not helping him. These are the kind of people that are destroying our country. I can not even refer to them as humans. God must be angry.

  • Welcome to Bizarro World ! says:

    Most likely, some criminal wetback came along and purposely dropped the car on the poor man in order to rob him.

  • Don says:

    Every time I think I’ve seen the lowest, most disgusting thing the subhuman garbage takes it as a challenge. Only thing missing is several jagoffs standing there taking video.
    Catch the filth who did it and follow Zeus’s post, charge them with first degree murder and execute the MFs.

  • One says:

    The moral decline of this country is now beyond repair. Lock and load, and do whatever is necessary to protect yourself and those entrusted to you from those who want to take advantage of you, (for their own gain), and more importantly, this current ILLEGITIMATE (shadow government), of an ‘Administration’, who doesn’t give two shits about your safety, and would do anything to facilitate the destruction of your family.

    NOTICE TO THIS CURRENT ILLEGITIMATE DICATATORSHIP: Attempt to force me to do/say/buy ANYTHING against my will, and you’ll be found w/ a bullet in your head. That goes for ANYONE, (including ILLEGITIMATE ‘Presidents’ of the United States).

    Did you hear that DOJ/Gestapo? When you send your early morning, unannounced goon squads, tell them they’d best be PREPARED TO DIE…



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